Best Sneaker Bots You Should Use in 2021


We’ve all heard about the Limited Sneaker releases that many of the world’s major shoe brands, such as Nike, Adidas, and others, launch. Additionally, we know that certain sneaker releases are limited in quantity and that obtaining footwear during these periods is difficult.

This is because hundreds of thousands of individuals are simply sitting on their computers, waiting for shoe releases in order to cop the new sneakers. It’s difficult to obtain the new sneakers in this case because the editions are restricted and hundreds of thousands of individuals are vying for them.

Numerous individuals utilize bots to obtain this limited-edition footwear. These bots, called “Sneaker Bots,” are energizing the online market, with hundreds of consumers employing them to cop the latest edition sneakers.

Let us begin by understanding what a bot is, how to use proxies with these bots, and which are the best sneaker bots available online.

What is a Sneaker Bot?

A Sneaker Bot is a sophisticated piece of extremely intricate software that is programmed to purchase shoes as soon as they become available on a website.

Because bots are faster at clicking and requesting, they can do their assigned tasks far more quickly than people. This is why individuals spend a lot of money on sneaker bots: they boost their chances of obtaining limited-edition sneakers when they become available. Bots are clever and intricate pieces of software that need extensive coding and can cost up to $500.


This is because these sneaker bots can be used to purchase and resell sneakers for personal gain, and hence the companies offering these sneaker bots charge them according to their features.

How does Sneaker Bots work?

A Sneaker bot makes use of the same technology that retail companies employ to determine whether their website is operating normally. The programming tool used by these online retailers is called the “Acceptance test,” and it verifies that the online retailer’s website is free of errors prior to releasing a new shoe version. These programming programs are intricate, and several of them contain a large number of numerical digits. However, some of these codes contain only ten numeric characters, which is where sneaker bots come in.

The most often used tool for programmers is called “Selenium,” and this is precisely what sneaker bots utilize. It enables the sneaker bot to access the “Backdoor” of retailer websites, from which they may finish the checkout process of retail outlets considerably faster than humans, ensuring that you have a larger possibility of receiving your preferred sneakers without any hassle!

How to Select the Most Effective Sneaker Bot?

Certain factors must be considered when selecting a shoe bot. You want to choose the ultimate greatest sneaker bot for yourself, and you don’t want to make a mistake. That is because you will be paying a significant amount of money on sneaker bots, and if you are going to invest hundreds of dollars on a piece of software, you better ensure that it is worth every penny.

One of the most critical factors to consider when selecting a sneaker bot is whether the bot receives regular updates. We are aware that shoe retailers are always modifying and updating their websites in order to keep sneaker bots out. It is critical for the sneaker bot to receive continuous updates from website owners in order to counter their adjustments.

Choose a bot that is compatible with the numerous foot websites available on the internet. You want a bot that is compatible with a variety of online shoe retailers so that you have a better chance of obtaining sneakers when they become available. You only need a shoe bot that is compatible with the majority of foot sites available. Additionally, you want to support a sneaker bot that works with many accounts. Many accounts are required if you intend to purchase multiple pairs of sneakers from the same website.

Another critical aspect to consider while selecting a decent sneaker bot is their customer support. Check their reviews on their website and on several review websites to determine if they provide enough customer support. If you ever run into difficulties with the sneaker bot, you’ll need good customer service to assist you!

The final characteristic you want to see in a good sneaker bot is proxy support, as this is what separates the greatest sneaker bots from the others. Additionally, you will require rotating proxies, as IP addresses from data centers are frequently blacklisted.

Best Sneaker Bots Of 2021

Now the true issue occurs. What are the greatest sneaker bots for copping? Following are the top sneaker bots to use in order to obtain those limited edition sneakers you desire!


Sneaker Bots

If you utilize the Cybersole bot to purchase shoes from internet retailers, you’ll never miss a sneaker release. It is, however, one of the most expensive bots available. Cybersole is available for £300 direct from its vendors. If you choose to purchase the bot via resale, you may expect to pay up to $6600. Cybersole is in high demand because to its success on major sneaker retailers such Foot sites, Shopify, Mesh, and Supreme. In general, the bot works with approximately 270 online retailers that sell footwear. This suggests that Cybersole is a good value for money and that you will eventually recoup your investment if you use it.

“Never miss another drop with Cyber AIO,” the company’s website states. That is correct. Cybersole is an “All in One” (AIO) bot that is one of the quickest on the market. Numerous footwear cops have utilized this bot and have provided great feedback. The bot boasts a number of advanced features that distinguish it as a market leader in the botting sector. Additionally, Cybersole is fast and does not require expensive servers to do multiple jobs concurrently. The bot is completely multi-threaded and operates at “lightning-fast” speeds. This implies that when you use this bot, you may order and pay for your sneakers in a matter of seconds.

Cybersole is capable of doing an unlimited number of jobs and can be used to acquire hundreds or thousands of sneakers. Here, you can shop till your finances run out. Another unique feature that this bot’s users appreciate is its new captcha solver. As a result, you won’t need to worry about the security measures implemented by other websites. Additionally, Cybersole offers a free mobile app (iOS and Android) for officers who wish to control the bot on the go. When employing the Cybersole bot, you never have to worry about missing a sneaker release. Its Restock Mode monitors for the next restock and automatically grabs footwear for you. Additionally, users of this sneaker bot receive superior customer assistance via Twitter and email 24 hours a day.

Without a doubt, Cybersole is an extremely effective bot that is well-suited for dedicated bot cops. I strongly advise you to purchase this bot if you can afford it. Do not be put off by the expense, since Cybersole is well worth the investment. You’ll quickly recoup your investment if you utilize this bot to acquire sneakers. Additionally, you might earn considerable money if you choose to resell your bot.

Kodai AIO

Sneaker Bots

This bot is described as an “untamable frying machine” capable of annihilating all sneaker releases. The advantage of Kodai AIO is that it works on both Mac and Windows PCs. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the operating system on your device while purchasing this bot. Additionally, you won’t face competition from other buyers when you use the Kodai AIO bot. Additionally, the bot enables customers to circumvent limitations imposed by an online retailer of footwear. You can purchase as many sneakers as you want with Kodai AIO during limited-edition releases.

The bot costs $175 for the first two months and then $59.99 per month thereafter. However, Kodai AIO is frequently out of supply, necessitating resale. Everything is basic when it comes to operating the bot, and you do not need to be a tech master to do so. Additionally, you can view an extremely educational Demo film on its website and run through how the bot operates. The reality is that you can never go wrong when utilizing the Kodai AIO bot. Its providers are dedicated to providing users with an unmatched experience when purchasing sneakers.

If you’re looking for a bot with a track record of success, Kodai AIO is all you need. Here, you do not purchase the bot to test your luck, as you will undoubtedly obtain the desired outcomes. The bot has successfully processed over 200000 user checkouts, and you could be one of them. Kodai AIO packs a punch and is lightning fast. The bot’s technology is always updating to keep its users one step ahead of other sneaker cops. Additionally, its users have access to a comprehensive dashboard where they can check numerous details about installation guidelines and planned releases.

Kodai AIO is a true all-in-one bot capable of destroying launches in practically every online retailer of sneakers. Yeezy Supply, Supreme, Shopify, US Footsites, EU Footsites, Finishline, and JDSports are just a few of the retailer platforms where you may use the bot to purchase shoes. Additionally, you can communicate with Kodai AIO via Twitter and Instagram to receive regular updates and replenishment.

While the Kodai AIO is not the most effective shoe on the market, it is one of the best. However, it is one of the most reputable sneaker bots that you can get and receive value for money. The fact that the bot supports multiple sites makes it superior because you don’t have to cop shoes from one platform or just a few. I propose it to sneaker cops who are comfortable with paying tiny monthly costs in exchange for using a bot.

Project Destroyer (PD)

Sneaker Bots

You can never go wrong with Project Destroyer (PD) when it comes to snagging limited-edition footwear. The bot is equipped with incredible features and advanced technology that enables people to procure sneakers without experiencing any tension. PD is one of the few ancient bots that has survived the onslaught of modern bots. Its developers are constantly enhancing PD via regular updates to ensure that users continue to receive value for money.

One of the many advantages of Project Destroyer is that it supports over 200 sites. PD can be used on a variety of well-known websites, including Footwear sites, Nike, Supreme, and Shopify, as well as Yeezy Supply and other custom Shopify sites. Thus, you may use this All in One bot to purchase shoes on nearly all online platforms. Simply follow them on Instagram and Twitter for additional information before paying for and ordering the bot.

Users of PD bot appreciate the bot’s one-of-a-kind functionality of account and proxy grouping. The bot can be used to aggregate accounts and proxies that you intend to utilize on specific websites. In this manner, you may simply avoid instances of several accounts and proxies being used on the same page. Additionally, PD includes a “Waterfall Monitor” that concentrates on a single term rather than all keywords entered during a release. Thus, websites will have a difficult time detecting it while copping footwear. The mass editing capabilities of Project destroyer let users to modify multiple tasks concurrently and save time. This characteristic qualifies the bot for individuals looking to obtain a huge quantity of sneakers.

Additionally, users of PD benefit from a proxy delay switch, improved captcha harvesting logic, a cookie jar, bespoke shipping rates, and discord webhook checkouts. The bot costs $200 and requires a $35 monthly charge to continue using it. Unfortunately, PD is frequently out of stock, necessitating the rental or purchase of a re-sale bot. If you intend to purchase the bot via the resale market, expect to pay up to $1200. Alternatively, you may rent it for approximately $50 through services such as Tidal rentals and Easy rentals.

By and large, Project Destroyer is a solid bot, however, it lacks the consistency of some stronger bots. The bot is compatible with a variety of websites, allowing customers to shop for sneakers while remaining anonymous online. I believe that the bot is beneficial for novices due to its simplicity of use. For cops on a shoestring budget, I recommend looking for a less expensive bot.


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