Cleaning Jobs in USA for Immigrants – Apply Now

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There are plenty of cleaning Jobs accessible within the U.S. that give visa sponsorships to immigrants; therefore if you’re searching for cleaning jobs in the U.S. you’re in the right place. This text presents to you everything you wish to understand concerning cleaning jobs in the USA with visa sponsorships that you simply will apply for.

Cleaning jobs are nice most importantly if you’re searching for one that’s temporary and employment that pays per hour and is conjointly terribly versatile.

The typical remuneration for a cleaner operating within the U.S. is concerning $36 per hour.

Therefore if you’re a cleaner functioning at least three hours during a day, you may be earning $108 daily and concerning $3,240 per month.

We would be listing out five cleaning jobs within the U.S. that you simply will apply for without delay.

These jobs also is providing visa support for immigrants coming back to the U.S. to work. It’s vital to notice that not all firms supply visa sponsorships for foreigners coming back into the U.S.

This is why once applying for a cleaning job, perpetually analyze to understand if the corporate would supply to sponsor your visa application method. with none any delay, let’s get into what we might be discussing during this article.

Benefits of cleaning Jobs within the U.S

In this section, we might be observing a number of the advantages of operating as a cleaner within the U.S. and conjointly what ought to expect in terms of accessorial advantages apart from your daily or monthly salaries.

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1. You get paid daily with a mean remuneration of concerning $35 USD per hour looking on location and the kind of job you’re doing. Most cleaners within the U.S. are paid on an hourly basis whereas some may well be paid on day-to-day on monthly basis. This all depends on what style of cleaning job you’re doing.

2. You’ll opt for the number of hours you’re employed. Cleaning jobs within the U.S. area unit are typically versatile. You’ll plan to work surely quantity of hours. However over again, this all depends on what company you’re operating for. Some firms place their cleaners on a monthly basis and they conjointly expect you to figure out a particular quantity of hours before you’d be entitled to payment.

3. In some cases cleaners are generally given tips by the consumer they’re operating for. as an example, if you’re operating as a cleaner for an edifice, you’ll generally receive tips from edifice residents.

So what are the responsibilities of operating as a cleaner, that means what area unit will your job entail?

Responsibilities and Duties of cleaning Jobs within the U.S

Below area unit a number of the responsibilities of a cleaner operating within the U.S. with visa sponsorships.

1. You’re expected to stay your allotted quadrant clean and tidied.

2. A cleaner generally restocks the shopper’s home or area facilities looking at the arrangement created

3. You’re expected to send word management once there’s got to repair any broken appliances

Applying for Visa sponsorship

In this section, we might be observing a way to apply for visa support and additionally significantly however what style of visas to use to induce a cleaning job within the U.S.

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The 3 visas that you simply will apply for to induce a cleaning job within the U.S. is seen below:

1. J-1 Visa

2. H-2B Visa

3. B-1 Visa

5 cleaning Jobs within the U.S. with Visa Sponsorships

Without any delay, let’s check out the ten cleaning jobs within the U.S. with visa support that you simply will apply for these days.

House Keeper

Housekeepers are typically utilized to stay a particular area or setting typically a home clean.

Cleaning jobs within the U.S. are booming without delay and you’ll apply right here to induce jobs that are providing visa sponsorships for immigrants.


Janitors are typically utilized by firms or personal organizations or faculties to administer all matters of cleaning together with floors, ceilings, furniture, and alternative areas. Click here to travel ahead and apply.

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaners are typically utilized to wash wide forms of areas together with faculties, factories, houses, firms, and many additional. they’re liable for laundry, dusting, cleaning, and additional throughout their course of labor. Click here to use for an advert cleaning job within the U.S.

Maid Service

To work as a maid within the U.S. entails you finishing up a personalized cleaning job. You are expected to wash the house and conjointly cater to youngsters if the necessity presents itself.

Companies supply visa sponsorships for immigrants coming back to the U.S. to figure as a maid. Click here to start out your job search without delay.

Maintenance employee

Maintenance employees area unit those that are liable for maintaining and repairing equipment. they create certain all appliances and instrumentality are unbroken properly maintaining their integrity.

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If you’re thinking of coming back to the U.S. to figure as a maintenance employee, click here to start your application method.

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