Jetpack Subscription: Customize Subscription Emails, Widget and Shortcodes

Jetpack subscription isn’t really much of a thing of a brainer. It is all about holding on to your readers or visitors on your site. Because many may visit your site once and never come back. It works like a newspaper vendor. Where he goes out every day with the up-to-date or current papers only. That is it, Jetpack simply takes care of letting them know whenever you publish a new post.

Jetpack Subscription: Customize Subscription Emails, Widget and Shortcodes

Now you should already have a picture in your head of how it works. No abracadabra or any special trick is required to activate the subscription. By default, subscriptions are activated once you activate Jetpack on your site. However, if you are unlucky, it’s not much of a big deal. Just switch on “Allow users to subscribe to your posts and comments and receive notifications via email” at Jetpack > Settings > Discussion in your site’s Dashboard. Visitors can choose to subscribe to new posts once the Jetpack subscriptions are visible on your site. Additionally, visitors can also subscribe to new comments on a post they’ve commented on so they can stay involved in the conversation.

List of Jetpack Subscription Shortcode

The shortcode makes it easy for you to easily integrate the subscription form within posts and pages. Alot of people find it difficult to do this. Below are Shortcodes for Jetpack subscriptions that.

You can also include the Subscriptions form anywhere on your site. To do so, add the following shortcode to any page or post:


You can customize this shortcode by using the following modifiers:

  • title – You can change the default “Subscribe to Blog via Email” to your own custom text by using title. Example: [jetpack_subscription_form title="My Custom Title"]
  • subscribe_text – This will change the default “Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.” text. Example: [jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_text="My custom subscribe text!"]
  • subscribe_button – This will change the default “Subscribe” button text. Example: [jetpack_subscription_form subscribe_button="Sign Me Up"]
  • show_subscribers_total You can choose to show your total number of subscribers alongside your form. You can use to hide them (the default) or 1 to show them. Example: [jetpack_subscription_form show_subscribers_total="1"]

Using the examples above, your shortcode of [jetpack_subscription_form
title="My Custom Title" subscribe_text="My custom subscribe text!"
subscribe_button="Sign Me Up" show_subscribers_total="1"]
will look like this:

What Will My Visitors See When Subscribing?

First, visitors would have to type in their email address to subscribe. Afterward, they’ll receive a confirmation email. A “Confirm Follow” button will be provided to them. They’ll receive a notification of every future post by email once they click on the button. Each email will have a link at the bottom to unsubscribe, so they won’t need to ask you to opt out.

However, if they ignore the confirmation email, they won’t receive anything from your site. Also, you can also customize the contents of this confirmation email. You can do that by going to Settings > Reading in your dashboard.

Can I Customize Jetpack Subscription Emails?

Maybe you are thinking if you could customize the content of the subscription emails. Well, you can.

  • Go to Settings > Reading in your dashboard. There you can change your Feed Settings to “Summary”. Once you save your changes, all subscription emails will only include a snippet of your post. It would also contain a link to continue reading on the site.
  • Thanks to the More tag, you can split the content of each one of your blog posts into two parts. But that is If your Feed settings are set to “Full Text”. Everything that is above the More tag will appear on your homepage and in the subscription emails, followed by a link inviting users to click to continue reading. While everything that is below that tag will only appear on the post’s page.

How To Customize the Jetpack Subscription Widget?

You might not really like the default look and feel of the Jetpack subscription widget. Not to worry, you can customize it to your own taste or feel. Jetpack Subscriber plugin is rendered through /jetpack/module/subscriber.php file located inside /plugin/jetpack folder.

The CSS used to render this widget is located inside /jetpack/module/subsrciber/subscriber.css file which contains one class- and one id- subscribe-text,subscribe-email, both of these IDs are used with a paragraph tag, that is responsible to render subscription text and email ID.

There you could change the codes to suit your style. However, little or more knowledge of HTML and CSS might be needed.

How Can I View All My Subscribers?

You can easily view all your subscribers. To do so, quickly follow these few steps below and that should do the trick for you.

  • Go to your Dashboard.
  • Then click on Jetpack > Settings > Discussion.
  • Scroll down to the “Subscriptions” section.
  • Now just click on the link to “View your email followers.”
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