LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Review and Guidelines

LinkedIn advertising is one of the most powerful advertising tools on the internet. LinkedIn is a social media platform that hosts professions, business, brands etc. Users can also create ads visible adverts post on the linked website.

LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Review and Guidelines

The most interesting deal about LinkedIn is the cluster of business mind professionals under an internet space. LinkedIn advertising surely effective because you can easily network your business on the platform. LinkedIn advertising can target people with specific job title, job functions, by geographical location. Furthermore, you can target companies based on name or size and other demographic factors.

Personally, I think LinkedIn advertising is effective for corporate ads, building company profiles and expanding an organizational network.

LinkedIn Advertising Account 

The LinkedIn account includes personal or business accounts. As you know LinkedIn host business and professionals there is a difference between ads on personal and business pages.

Adverts created on a personal account are not shareable with the click-through data, billing or management tool or shareable with colleagues. When running a LinkedIn advertising for a company, create and use a business account.

Creating a LinkedIn business account for ads is unlike a “business account” that attracts charges. LinkedIn Ad Business Account links with your advertising campaigns created for a specific company and grants you access tool. These tools allow admin to share the account with other people.

LinkedIn Business Account Advantage

You can add a management team and assign roles and access like admin rights, or other roles that allows someone to create and edit ad campaigns.

The viewer role is another important role you should know about. because it grants access to view ad metrics but not create or edit ads. Other roles include “billing contact” access to billing info and a “campaign contact” access to emails.

Steps to Create a LinkedIn Business Account

Creating a LinkedIn business account is pretty straight forward.

  • Launch your browser.
  • Sign in to your linked account.
  • Look for and click on your name (at the upper right corner)
  • Click “Create a business account” On the drop-down menu
  • On the pop-up form filling the company name. (create if the company does not have)
  • Then click on create.

On the second pop-up form, you must indicate the purpose of the LinkedIn advertising account. LinkedIn only assigns one ad business account per user. You can manage adverts for different companies with just one advertising account.

LinkedIn Advertising Guide

 You simply need to follow these steps to advertise on LinkedIn

  • Provide a name for Ad Campaign: Provide a unique names for each ad campaign.
  • Add a Text, Title, and Picture: It requires a 75 characters text, 25 characters title and 50 pixels by 50 pixels picture.
  • Destination URL: Add a Landing page for your site. On call to action, you can direct attracted respondents to the company’s website or social media pages (depending on the ads aim).
  • Choose Your Ad Audience Finally, who will see your ads. It could be targeting specific job titles, companies, or certain demography LinkedIn users. Another option is “LinkedIn Audience Network,”  Which is a collection of media websites.

You can also create LinkedIn video ads, which can be incorporated into a YouTube ad.

LinkedIn Advertising Guide: Ad Prices

Just like other advertising platforms such as facebook and google ad, LinkedIn is based on clicks, and impressions.

Click-throughs are mostly used to test the effectiveness of an ad. Impression-based pricing is used as the final kill after understanding users response to the ad.

Advertiser can set an amount per click, and a daily total budget which must be at least $10 a day.

Similarly, the pricing for Impression-based is a fixed amount per 1,000 ads showings.

The pricing varies with respect to the companies competing at the same time. LinkedIn will show current market estimations, and also predictions when the ads go live.

Minimum Costs -a one-time $5 startup fee. thereafter a minimum of $10 a day on cost-per-click ads, and $2 per click on each ad, or $2-per-thousand impressions.

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