Top 20 Leading Cyber security Companies in 2022

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Looking for top Leading Cyber Security Companies? There are thousands of startups that have been formed over the years that focus on fighting cybercrime, and the cost of this is estimated to be about $5trillion annually, and is expected to increase by 2023.

These Cybersecurity companies are established to prevent data breaches and provide top level security to companies all over the world.

Leading Cyber security Companies

We have created a list of the best cybersecurity companies for you to review and choose from, should you need their services for your business.

List of Leading Cyber Security Companies

Below are the top Leading Cyber Security Companies.


This is a cybersecurity firm that was founded in the year 2002, in Bethesda, Maryland. They have their offices around the world with over 250 employees and also provide services to mid-markets and enterprise clients. They specialize in cybersecurity and IT strategy consulting services.


Fidelis has worked with various clients some which are: Barclays, Hanes, U.S Air force, Microsoft. Visit their sites at (Website)

Leading Cyber security Companies: CYMUNE CYBERSECURITY

Cymune cybersecurity was founded in the year 2020 with more than 50 employees. They provide cybersecurity, IT consulting, and IT strategy consulting solutions from their office in Hyderbad, India. They worked exclusively with mid-markets business.


Cymune and worked with Y-axis company. Visit their site at (WEBSITE)


Sugarshot is an IT company that has its headquarters in Los Angeles. The company was founded in 2018 and has about 11 employees.

They mostly provide IT managed services, specifically security, help desk, and network segments.


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, United Pacific Industries, Eaturna. Visit their website at (WEBSITE)


IBM XI was founded in 2009, they provide IT and Cloud consulting services. They have over 1000 employees based in Armonk, New York.


National Stock Exchange of India, Finnair, Vodafone, Atea Sverige AB, CodeObjects. Visit their website at (WEBSITE)


FRSecure was founded in 2008, they are an information security management company based in Minnetonka with a team of 50 employees.

They provide cybersecurity, IT strategy consulting , and IT managed services.


FRSecure has worked with companies like Mackoff Kellogg Law Firm, Hildi, Trailhead Health.

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Underdefence was founded in 2016 and they are located in Lviv, Ukraine with a second office in New York City. They have a team of 28 and provide cybersecurity exclusively.


Underdefence has worked with companies like Symphony Solutions, 5Pro Software, Kyte.


OSIbeyond is and IT service provider that is based in Rockville. OSIbeyoind was founded in 2004, and has more than 20 employees.

They provide cybersecurity services, IT services, IT strategy consulting and cloud consulting services to small and midmarket business.


OSIbeyond has worked with many companies some of which are American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, JEDEC, Junior Achievement of Greater Washington.


TestArmy was founded in 2010 and they are based in Wroclaw, Poland. TestArmy has about 66 employees and they provide application testing.


Former Clients of TestArmy are Nomtek, Tui, Samsung, ExplainEverything.


Fluid Attacks cybersecurity company is based in Clayton, N.C. It was founded in 2000 and they currently employ a team of 3 resources.

They specialize in cybersecurity and application testing for mainly midmarkets clients.


Fluid Attacks has worked with companies like BBVA, Indra, The Missing Link


Silent Break cybersecurity is based in Lehi, Utah, and it was founded in 2011. They has a team of 21 employees and specialize in cybersecurity.


Silent Break cybersecurity has worked with companies like National Guardian Life Insurance.


Intelias was founded in 2002 and has and headquarters in Ukraine with delivery offices in Saudi Arabia

, Germany, Poland


Intellias has worked with companies like HERE technologies, Siemens, Delloitte, Microsoft, Nokia, Kia, and Lg Electronics.


Vietnam Security network is an information security provider located in Thanh Xuan, Vietnam. Vietnam Security network was founded in 2008.

They provide cybersecurity and custom software development solutions.


Vietnam, Security has worked with companies like TwoFive inc, AEON Mail, Corsitec, Aduro Inc


Founded in 1987, McAfee Cybersecurity Company is one of the most well-known cybersecurity companies in the industry. It’s located in Santa Clara, California.

They provide module security products to protect end-user devices from attacks, while its network security products and services protect industries servers, and databases.

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They work with governments around the world but also provide security software for home users to protect their mobile devices and personal computers. Its revenue as at last year quarter was over $700 million.


They provide threat detection and management for Government agencies and also produce security software’s for home user devices.


They are the lead industry in data and analysis. They deal in risk management and provide solutions to threats. They make use of industry content and data sets with analytics that helps in evaluating and predicting risks.

They were founded in 1981. They also deal with fraud and rooting out company’s vulnerabilities and blind spots within their databases or system.

LexisNexis provides more than just detecting fraudulent activities using company data but also combines physical and digital footprints like biometrics and behavioral features to identify customer profiles.

One of the recent products released by LexisNexis is designed to mitigate new account fraud by bringing identity events and consumers’ application activity to showcase a total view of the user’s identity. This is called Fraud Intelligence.


They provide software that detects and prevents fraudulent activities for leading industries.


Abnormal security is a cybersecurity company that was founded in 2018 and has since risen to one of the leading cybersecurity industries in 2021.

Abnormal security is located in San Francisco CA and they specialize in cloud-native software’s and Email security software’s. They provide their services to government agencies and various companies.


They provide cloud native software for government agencies to protect sensitive information/data.


Aqua security is a cybersecurity company founded in 2015 and they are located in Ramat Gan, Israel. Aqua security specializes in providing cloud native application protection.


They provide cloud native application protection for various organizations.


CheckPoint Cybersecurity Company was founded in 1993 and its located in Tel Aviv, Israel. They provide Cybersecurity solutions and services to industries and individuals.

CheckPoint as a Cybsersecurity Company focus on preventing any cyber-attack on databases and servers of companies they offer their services to.

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CheckPoint Cybersecurity Company has provided services to government agencies and various industries by preventing cyber-attacks on those said industries.


Digital Guardian is a Data security agency that was founded in 2003. D. Guardian unlike other Cybersecurity agencies deals with Enterprise data loss prevention.

They provide services to leading industries by ensuring that data is secured and prevent any loss of data/information.

They have worked with Government agencies and companies all around the world and have earned a spot on the top leading industries for Cybersecurity.


They provide Enterprise data loss prevention for both government agencies and companies.


This is a digital security agency that was founded in 1994. Entrust deal with digital security issuance.

They have worked with various government agencies and industries and have earned a spot on the top leading cybersecurity companies. They are located in Minneapolis, MN.


They provide digital security issuance to government agencies and leading industries.


CyberArk is a security agency that was founded in 1999. They are located in Petach Tikwa, Israel. They specialize in privileged Access security.


CyberArk has provided authenticated security softwares to various organizations and individuals.

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