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I learned all I know about blogging and google AdSense the very hard way. I made a lot of Trial and error for years. So, that’s why I created this blogging course so you won’t make the same mistake I made in the past.

I have been there and I know what it takes to be doing something the wrong way. Some years back my Google Adsense got banned, It was removed from the search engine.

It feels like the world is coming to an end right in front of my Eyes. I keep sending Google appeal letter week by week for years. Of-course, I need a job to sustain and I have responsibilities. Then I had to go into web development, which doesn’t pay all my bills. We get a client once in 2 months.

I can’t remember how many times I go to bed starving. I almost died of ulcers. During this time I was learning more about blogging back to back. Even at that, I didn’t give up on Blogging or My Google Adsense.

I believe one day I will get it back. I never stopped sending appeal Mail to google. Then, one amazing morning I got a message from Google that My site is now ready to serve ads. That was how I got my Google Adsense back. I had to partially quit web development and focus full time on blogging. This time I know practically everything about blogging, affiliate marketing (Selling Products – Info products and Courses).

I want to impact others and at the same time make money. I have sleepless nights doing so. I must say nothing comes easy. Now I do everything within my reach to grow my blog. Which majority of my tricks work.

  • My traffic grew massively.
  • My article started coming up in Google search if not No 1 then No 2. 
  • Gradually, I ranked higher and higher in Google search. 
  • Started making sales selling and promoting products across my websites.

I can boldly say I am Making cool cash doing what I love which is blogging.

Today, thousands of Bloggers and New bloggers look up to me for advice, which I can boldly say I’ve helped a lot of blogs grow massively by traffic and earnings, with my experience on blogging.

Do you know if I can do it and succeed, you can also do it? And I can teach/show you how.

CoronaVirus Pandemic would not stop you.

Now let’s take a look at the Corona virus pandemic a lot of people lost their jobs this period which left some people currently jobless.

Some were paid part of their salaries. On the bright side, as a blogger you can work anywhere at any point in time and still make cool cash in Dollar 💰.

A lot of people are at home. Businesses are trying to find other means to run. Which place a high advantage to bloggers, Affiliate marketers and Developers.

During this pandemic, a lot of blogger’s income trippled because of the isolation and base on the large number of people staying at home searching the internet for informations and entertainment.

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This system has been tested and proven to work for thousands of bloggers Globally. Start ranking and maximize your AdSense and Affiliate Earnings

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Learn how to start up a blog, Affiliate Marketing, Driving Massive Traffic, Getting Motivation while Blogging, Blogging for a Living, List Affiliate Platforms, Making money while Blogging, About keyword research, How to Write quality contents, SEO, The quickest strategy to get AdSense, Several ways to make money from a blog, and much more…

How to Blog Like A Pro.

You will learn how to write quality Articles, utilizing keywords and boosting your article to rank on Search Engine…

Affiliate Marketing Secret

You will learn how affiliate marketing works, high paying platforms, techniques to high earning/traffic to your product…

Drive Massive Traffic to your Website/Product

You will learn how to drive massive traffic to your affiliate products, blogs and the secret that we top bloggers use to generate traffic. That most TOP Bloggers don’t want you to know.

Make Money in Dollars

You will learn how to make a living from blogging and Affiliate marketing. Opens your mind on varieties of opportunity out there.

What do You do when your traffic drops suddenly?

  • How do you boost your traffic
  • What to do when your ranking on Google, Bing and Yandex drops
  • Boosting your domain Authority the rightway and fast
  • What to do when you get penalized by Google

All this and much more you will learn when you enroll in this course.

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