Apply for American Student Visa Sponsorship Program 2023

Most international student at one point has dreamt of studying in the USA, but when it comes to the academic tuition, it becomes more of a challenge for them. Most students especially international students find it difficult to finance their academic pursuits in the United States. This is why the U.S. government has established what is known as a USA student visa sponsorship program.

In this article, you would come to understand everything you need to know about student visa sponsorships, the requirements, and the documents needed during the application process. You would also learn who is eligible to sponsor student visas in the United States.

Here is a breakdown of what we will be discussing in this article:

  • What is a USA Visa Sponsorship?
  • The benefit of a USA Visa Sponsorship
  • How to get a Sponsor for your USA Visa
  • How much is required for a student visa?
  • Student Visa Sponsorship requirements

What is a USA Visa Sponsorship?

USA Visa sponsorship is when a sponsor is responsible for taking care of a person’s visa application, processing, and living in the USA. A student visa sponsorship is when a person sponsors a student to come to the USA to study. A legitimate and qualified sponsor with a financial background can definitely increase your chances of getting a student visa.

This type of visa is usually called an F-1 visa. An F-1 visa is a visa that is given to a student in order for the student to be able to come to the USA to study. The question now is what are the benefits that come with having an F-1 visa?

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The benefit of a USA Visa Sponsorship

Benefits of a USA visa sponsorship or more so F-1 Visa. Having an F-1 visa gives a student the privilege to study for a degree program in the United States and work part-time in any company the student wishes.

Without an F-1 visa, the student won’t be able to study in the USA or have a degree. After a student has finished their degree program, they are required to leave the country and go back to their home country.

How to get a Sponsor for your USA Visa

For you trying to come to the United States to study, the question is how you can get a visa sponsorship. For a student coming to study in the USA, parents and relatives can very well take the place of a sponsor. In this case, it is called a family sponsor program.

There are a few methods in which students can obtain a visa sponsorship, one of which is a family sponsors program or even a business or company sponsor program. A business or company sponsor program can happen if you are currently working in your home country and decide to come to the U.S. to study, your company can sponsor your visa to study in the United States.

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But the company or family would have to meet specific requirements, such as proof of funds and if the said family is a permanent resident living in the USA.

How much is required for a student visa?

How much can you expect to spend during the processing of your student visa to the USA? These expenses would include tuition fees, living costs, and accommodation if the school doesn’t provide such. This cost is typically mentioned on your I-20. Even before I-20, you would have it on your college website.

The average cost for a student visa sponsorship in the USA is about $15,000 per year excluding living and feeding expenses. A total package should be between $15,000 and $25,000 per year. Below are some of the ways in which you can be sponsored in the USA as a student.

  • Parents
  • Relatives
  • Banks
  • Company

Sponsors can also come from countries outside the United States, but they have to meet specific requirements including proof of funds. They must be able to show that they can cater to your needs including tuition fees, living expenses, and feeding expenses.

Student Visa Sponsorship requirements

Let’s now find out everything you need about the F-1 visa sponsorship requirements. Below are some of the most important F-1 visa sponsorship requirements that you must possess before and during your application for a student visa.

  • Sponsor letter for F-1 visa
  • Official bank statements
  • Affidavit of sponsorship for F-1 visa
  • Documents proving the sponsor’s relationship with the applicants
  • Other financial documents like property documents

During the application for your F-1 visa, there are other financial documents that would be required as proof of funds before you can be approved for a visa to study in the U.S which are listed below:

  • Solvency letter
  • Fixed deposit receipt
  • Loan letter
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A solvency letter is a letter from the bank stating your sponsor is capable of raising funds for your higher education in the U.S. The required amount of funds needed for proof would be provided by the bank. While the fixed deposit is needed to attest by your bank which can be in form of a savings account statement or balance certificate by the bank. The loan letter is typically received post-receiving I-20 by all national and public banks.

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