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What is Skype? How do I download the Skype app? As you are probably aware, Skype is a piece of software that facilitates global communication. While Skype For Business Online is identical to the standard Skype, there are some distinctions.

Skype for Business

And I’m guessing you’re interested in learning more about Skype Business, which is why you clicked on this post. To discover more about Skype for Business (SFB), continue reading.

Skype for Business Online

Previously known as Microsoft Lync and Office Communicator, Skype For Business (SFB) was rebranded as Skype. It is a Microsoft-developed workplace instant messaging program that is included in the Microsoft Office suite.

The service was primarily developed for usage with an on-premises Skype for Business Server. Business Skype is capable of making audio, text, and video calls. Additionally, it connects with components of Microsoft Office such as SharePoint and Exchange.

The enterprise Skype was rebranded from Lync to Skype for Business, incorporating a co-branding strategy with Microsoft’s consumer messaging program, Skype.

Clients can access the service via Windows, iPads, Android, and Apple iOS devices. In simple terms, the platform is a solution that enables organizations to have virtual meetings. And with online meetings, clients will feel as if they are in the same room. It is accessible through Office 365.

Skype for Business Features

The tool enables organizations of any size to improve their communications and hold online meetings regardless of their location. It is the primary communication tool used by corporations. Apart from this, the service offers several very unique characteristics that set it apart.

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Skype for Business

Additional Skype for Business features and benefits:

  • It is cross-platform compatible.
  • The service significantly reduces the expense of business travel.
  • Instant messaging, audio, and video calls are all supported.
  • Contacts are available based on Microsoft Outlook contacts stored in Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Clients and users can access their contact lists using a local directory service such as Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • It indicates whether multiple users are working on the same document using Microsoft Office.
  • A Skype for Business (SFB) Server is used to facilitate communication.
  • Microsft Lync supports a variety of client types.
  • The service’s client communication protocol is based on SIP.
  • File sharing is supported in SFB.
  • TLS and SRTP are supported for encrypting and securing signaling and media transmission, respectively.

There are other additional capabilities to the program, but the ones listed above are only a sampling of the benefits you can experience or obtain by using Skype For Business.

Skype for Business App

Apart from being compatible with Windows, Tablets, and Macs, Skype for business is also compatible with smartphone devices. Its App is the service’s mobile app. It works with all device types, including iOS and Android.

On your device, you may use the app to make audio and video conversations over wireless, as well as rich presence, instant messaging, and conferencing. The software is simple to use and is available for free download from your device’s App store. The following are the app’s primary features:

  • During a conference call, you can share your video and view the speaker’s video.
  • Take command of the meeting
  • Initiate a group instant messaging or video chat and invite additional or alternate participants.
  • Join, re-join, or organize a business meeting to exchange information and work on incredible ideas.
  • View upcoming meetings and join with a single click.
  • Locate or retrieve recent discussions and pick up where you left off.
  • Utilize a name, email address, or mobile phone number to locate your contacts.
  • Through the Active Directory Authentication Library, it provides better security.
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When invited, anyone can use the SFB mobile app. However, just to be clear, you must have an account to use the service.


SFB is a communications platform that goes beyond traditional phone systems. It combines phone and video calls, online meetings, and instant messaging (IM) into a single, easy-to-use program, making switching between different communication and collaboration tools a breeze.