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The fully-funded scholarships provided through the University of Montreal for 2022-2023 are available for online submissions for all students at the degree level across many disciplines.

Are you looking to obtain fully funded Canadian scholarships to the University of Montreal to fund your degree in higher education?

If you answered yes, you are, then we have some great new information to share!

The University of Montreal offers thousands of scholarships each year to its students based on merit and financial need.

Find the perfect scholarship for you by researching all possibilities for scholarship opportunities at the University of Montreal by going through our list of Fully Funded University of Montreal Scholarships 2022.

What is the Acceptance Rate at the University of Montreal?

Anyone who wants to be awarded a scholarship by the University of Montreal must have this in mind. What is the acceptance rate for the University of Montreal? Since the main requirement for receiving a scholarship from the university is to be admitted into the university.

The Acceptance Rate at the University of Montreal as of 2021 is 57%

How many international students are at Montreal’s University of Montreal?

The student population of foreigners at the university ranks as the third-largest in Canada, with 10,000 students per academic year.

How many scholarships are given out through the University of Montreal?

The University of Montreal invests millions of dollars each year to fund financial aid and scholarships for students. These include the entrance scholarship, merit scholarships for current students, departmental scholarships, and need-based scholarship programs.

Each open admissions session, The institute provides 600 scholarships for students with bachelor’s degrees, Masters’s, and Ph.D. The levels are.

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When will The University of Montreal award Scholarships to its students?

The University of Montreal (UdeM) admits students of both Canadian international and national students three times a year during summer (July) and autumn (September) in the winter (February). Admission scholarships are offered per academic records during these times.

Financial Protection of the Most prestigious Scholarships offered through the University of Montreal:

Coverage Plan in Montreal Scholarships

The plan of coverage for Montreal’s University of Montreal includes:

  • Free semester tuition
  • Full support for residence
  • Airfare from and to home country
  • Additional costs for education
  • Participation fee for conferences
  • Experiment fee
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Medical insurance

Below are the advantages of some of the sought-after scholarships available to students of The University of Montreal.

#1 Universe de Montreal Entrance Scholarships:

Bachelors Degree Level Scholarships:

Scholarships for bachelor’s levels at the University of Montreal are offered at three levels: Level A level, B, and Level C. Each of these scholarships offers different financial protection and are granted according to the applicant’s previous academic record. These awards are awarded to either thirty or forty credit hours that amount to $23,662 and $22300 annually.

  • Level A Level A: 11,998 CAD annually per credit hour for 30 credits (2 sessions) 5999 in CAD for each credit session of 15 hours. or 399 CAD for each credit hour.
  • Level B 518 CAD for the year to cover 30 credits (2 sessions) or 2,859 in CAD for each credit session of 15 hours. or 190.60 USD for each credit hour.
  • Level C A: 2,000 CAD per calendar year per credit hour for 30 credits. or 1,000 CAD per period for 15 credits. or 66.67 Cd/credit hour.
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Master’s Degree Level Scholarship:

At the Master’s degree level, the amount of scholarships offered at the University of Montreal is applied to 45 credit hours, equivalent to a tuition cost of $27,300 per calendar year.

Financing: 9,420 CAD per year for 45 credit hours (3 sessions) 3.140 in CAD for 15 credits hours per session.

Ph.D. level Scholarship: Ph.D. level scholarships for students at the University of Montreal. The University of Montreal is applied to 45 credit hours, amounting to a tuition cost of $24,300 annually.

Financing: 19,339 CAD per year for 45 credit hours (3 sessions), Then 6,546 CAD per session for 15 hours of credit.

#2 University of Montreal Exemption Scholarships for International Students:

Students from abroad who are not eligible for any other financial aid through the University of Montreal, like those from France and Belgium, are screened for University of Montreal Excellence Scholarships and are based on the transcripts they supply when they apply for admission.

Bachelors Degree Level Scholarship:

The undergraduate degree program can also be classified into three levels: A, B, C, and A. The following are the advantages of each of the exempt scholarships:

  • level A12, 465.60 CAD per year for 30 credit hours (2 sessions) or 6,232.90 CAD for each session of 15 hours. or 415.52 USD per credit hour.
  • Niveau B 594090CAD annual for 30 credit hours (2 sessions) Then, 2,970.45 in CAD for 15 credits. or 198.03 Cd/credit hour.
  • Level C 2,078.10 USD per calendar year for 30 credits. or 1,039.05 in CAD for each session of 15 hours. or 69.27 USD for each credit hour.
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Master’s Degree Level Scholarship:

Financing: 9,787.95 CAD per year for 45 credit hours (3 sessions) or 3,262.65 USD per session for 15 hours of credit.

Ph.D. Level Scholarship

Financing: 23,03813 CAD per year for 45 credit hours (3 sessions) 7 01271 USD per credit hour for each session.

Who Can Apply for the University of Montreal Scholarships?

International and Canadian citizens can apply for scholarships provided through the University of Montreal. However, there are specific requirements for entry to the degree that applicants need to satisfy to become in the correct position to be eligible for any degree and the associated scholarship offer.

Deadline: Ongoing

Opening Date: October 29, 2021

Days Remaining: Ongoing

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