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In the United States, caregiver jobs are one of the most significant jobs anyone can hope to have. It is considered a profession in the healthcare industry. According to research, there are over 1,000,000 (1 million) job openings for caregivers in the USA.

This is not surprising because as long as there are humans on planet earth, and we still have people aging every single day, there would be a need for healthcare workers. It is projected that with time that number is set to cross over 8,000,000 (8 million) which would unintended increase the demand for caregivers.

Before we go into the discus, let’s quickly go through the meaning of a caregiver and what the job entails. Here is what we would be discussing in this article:

  • Who is a Caregiver?
  • Responsibility of a Caregiver
  • Categories of Caregiver Jobs in the U.S. for Foreigners
  • Requirements for a Caregiver Job
  • Companies Hiring Caregivers
  • How to Get a Caregiver Job?

Who is a Caregiver?

A Caregiver is a professional who helps individuals to perform a various daily tasks in order to ease the state of living of these individuals. A caregiver is hired to make these individual live a easy, happy and longer live. They are well organized and kind hearted in nature.

Responsibility of a Caregiver

A Caregiver’s responsibility includes:

  • Assisting their clients with moving around the home, office, or environment.
  • Helping their clients take prescribed medication
  • Assisting their clients with personal care and hygiene
  • Providing companionship
  • Preparing meals and helping with cleaning the house

More to these listed above, caregivers provide an overall service to what their clients need. They make them feel more at home. They also provide personal care, transportation, medical advocacy, and other health care duties as needed.

Caregiver jobs tend to defer a little depending on who their clients are. For example, a caregiver catering for an elderly person would not follow the same procedure or steps for catering for a child or a sick individual.

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The average salary for a caregiver in the United States is $20,100 and $25,500 per year. This is also depending on the location and clients you are offering your services to.

Categories of Caregiver Jobs in the U.S. for Foreigners

There are wide range of caregiver roles covering different industries and sectors. In the medical sector alone, there are many types of caregivers who provide non-medical help to individuals who are disabled, sick, or injured.

Below are some of the categories of caregivers and what their various responsibilities are:

Professional Caregiver

A professional caregiver is someone that is hired to provide both medical and non-medical care to a person. These Categories of caregivers are trained to provide both medical and non-medical care to their clients.

They provide assistance to their clients in order for them to be able to live independently. Most professional caregivers work for agencies while clients who need their services hire these agencies to provide such care.

Family Caregiver

A family caregiver can provide comfort, help, or any kind of service to individuals who need it. These types of caregivers can either be spouses, parents, friends, or another person with a significant relationship with the client.

Most family caregivers work for free without any sort of pay or remuneration. But there are cases whereby family members for example a cousin or nephew is being offered payment. In this case, according to research, the average payment for a family caregiver could be as low as $10 an hour to $30, but they are mostly working for free depending on the related clients and circumstances.

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Independent Caregiver

An independent caregiver is a professional caregiver who doesn’t work for an agency but for themselves. They are employed directly by the family there is no intermediary between the patient and the caregiver.

Volunteer Caregiver

A volunteer caregiver provides breaks for someone who is caring for an adult with a disability, chronic illness, or frailty. They also provide non-medical care and supervision of the clients.

Requirements for a Caregiver Job

There are basic requirements and training needed in order to become a professional caregiver. The minimum education requirement for caregivers is a high school diploma or its equivalent. There are cases of caregivers having certifications and licenses; these are cases whereby you are applying to become a professional caregiver for an agency.

35% of the 1,000,000 caregiver jobs in the United States are held by professionals and 25% of that number is for independent caregivers.

In the next section, we would be looking at some of the agencies that recruit caregivers.

Companies Hiring Caregivers

Below are some of the agencies that hire caregivers in the U.S.

  • CareSmartz360
  • Caregivelist
  • Caregivers4U
  • Agency Central
  • Comfort Keepers
  • HouseHold Staff

How to Get a Caregiver Job?

In this section, we would be looking at some of the websites where you can find caregiver jobs in the USA for foreigners.

Zip Recruiter

Zip Recruiter is one of the leading employment marketplaces which connect individuals to their desired job position. It has locations in the US, UK, and Canada. It was founded solely for connecting job seekers to potential employers. This is a very good place to start looking for a caregiver job. According to Zip Recruiter, the average salary for a caregiver in the United States is $25,000 per year.

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Fasthire is a career company that provides career and educational services to people around the globe. They offer their services to people in China, the USA, India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc

They offer their services which include providing career advice for young professionals, and also linking them to jobs openings around the globe.


LinkedIn is a website that connects the world’s professionals in various fields and potential employers who are seeking these professionals. You have access to job postings from all categories of field and professional levels.

There are job postings for entry-level positions to advanced-level positions within various industries. Your LinkedIn profile serves as a digital resume and portfolio.


Indeed is a global recruitment website with a reputation for helping individuals boost their careers. They also try and help you land your dream job.


Glassdoor has over 30,000 vacancies for Caregivers and other related professions. They bring jobs to the doorstep of each job seeker.


SimplyHired helps people seeking for jobs in all fields and related field land their desired jobs. This process is performed as seamless as possible. According to SimplyHired the average salary for a caregiver in the USA is $14.58 per hour.