What Jobs can you do in Edmonton, Alberta Canada Provinces – Apply now

Welcome, today we will be looking at the Canada Jobs you can apply for and get employed from any location if eligible.

There are so many jobs for immigrants in Canada right now. All you need to do is to apply with the necessary documents attached and we will get you started on you journey to working in Canada.

Job Vacancies in Canada

A major labor shortage in the communities and provinces of Canada has resulted in Canada seeking for foreign laborers. This can be your opportunity to get into Canada right now and forever enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Before you proceed to search and start applying for High paying Jobs in Canada, you must first check your capabilities and the nature of works which you can do. This will determine the type of Jobs you will need to apply for. So ask yourself, what is your field of work?

It is important that you lay out a proper plan of action, and with determination you can be able to find Jobs within your area of expertise. Also have a knowledge of the type of jobs that Employers in Canada are willing to pay more for.

Who is Eligible to Work in Canada?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents can work in Canada without a visa or work permit. A visitor visa or work permit may be required for foreign nationals who wish to visit or work in Canada. You should be able to apply for work in Canada as long as you have met the requirements to enter Canada and have sufficient work experience and qualifications.

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Can I Get Jobs in Canada without a Work Permit?

To work in Canada, you don’t need a work permit. You don’t need a work permit to work in Canada. There are programs in Canada that do not require you to get a work permit. These include the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trade Program. The Working Holiday Visa under International Experience Canada and the Post-graduation work permit program are two other programs that provide visas and work permits to Canadians.

List Top High Demans Jobs available in Canada

Canada Government is in high demand for workforce almost in every industry. The common jobs available in Canada provinces are quite easy to get and available.

Jobs in Canada government that are in high demand includes, but are not limited to;

  1. Registered Nurses.
  2. Truck drivers.
  3. Farm Workers.
  4. Web Developers.
  5. General Laborers.
  6. Caregivers (Home Support workers and Childcare workers).
  7. Electrical engineers.
  8. Welders.
  9. Sales associates.
  10. HR Managers.
  11. Accountants.
  12. Heavy Duty Mechanics).
  13. Project Managers.
  14. Financial Advisor.
  15. Merchandiser.
  16. Business Development Manager.

Sales associate

Sales representatives and associates are essential for selling to consumers and other businesses.

Average salary: $50,255


Canada is looking for commercial drivers of all types, including long-haul truck and forklift drivers. Anyone with the proper licences will be able to find work quickly.

Average salary: $44,836


As the first person customers see in any business, receptionists have been highly sought after. This position requires customer service skills and technical skills.

Average salary: $31,304


Canada’s most highly-demanded skilled trade is a welder. If you enjoy working with your hands, this field is worth looking into.

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Average salary: $40,927

Web Developer

Web developers are skilled in programming, creating everything from apps for your smartphone to computer programs. Web developers can get a Canada work permit with Canada’s Global Talent Stream, which offers two-week processing.

Average salary: $62,522

Business development manager

Managers in business development have two essential tasks: bringing new customers to the company and closing deals with sales staff.

Average salary: $85,000

General labourer

All across Canada, general labourers are in high demand. They clean, move equipment and take on physically demanding tasks.

Average salary: $29,250

Project manager

A variety of industries require project managers, including marketing and IT. People with PMP certification are in high demand.

Average salary: $90,000

Heavy-duty mechanic

Heavy-duty mechanics are responsible for extensive machinery maintenance and repair. These sectors include manufacturing and energy, central to Canada’s economy.

Average salary: $70,000


Retail store merchandisers decide which stock to bring in and how they should be displayed on the floor.

Average salary: $48,610


An electrical engineer was once able to control anything that had electricity. This is an essential part of modern economics.

Average salary: $77,424


Accountants are a standard job in high demand. Number crunchers can help businesses thrive and make a living during tax season.

Average salary: $57,500

Manager of HR

Another in-demand Canadian job is that of human resources manager. They are responsible for finding the best talent in Canada’s competitive job market.

Average salary: $77,900

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors can help families and individuals ensure their money does what they want.

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Average salary: $57,410

Registered nurse

To survive, Canada’s public healthcare system relies on nurses. The country’s population is ageing, which makes registered nurses a vital part of providing care.

Average salary: $76,362