Employers ready to Employ & Relocate Immigrants to Canada Provinces

Canada has experienced a significant number of immigrants in recent years. More than a quarter of the population of Canada is comprised of immigrants from all over the globe. To benefit from this, Canada’s aging population has created new opportunities for immigrants to ensure that the workforce is kept alive.

This is why Canadian employers are now seeking immigrants with the qualifications necessary to keep their businesses operational. That means you can stay in your country and find a job in Canada before relocating to Canada.

Job Offers for Immigrants in Canada

It’s much simpler for Canadian citizens and residents to find a job in canard than for those outside its shores. Though it might appear like a daunting task, it’s actually easy if you know the best way to approach it. We’ve discussed the process of a move to Canada in a few of our blog posts. However, this post is going to assist you in identifying prospective employers who are willing to recruit you to Canada.

In actual fact, there are numerous jobs in Canada for immigrants does not require you to be a graduate of a university. If you have an education, the likelihood of you obtaining the Job in Canada is greater. Although this may sound fascinating, there are requirements in specific sectors of Canada that are more demanding than other sectors. Suppose you wish to be more likely to get a Job with a company in Canada in the role of an immigrant. In that case, it is best to get an education in the fields that are highly sought-after.

Let’s present some of the top jobs for immigrants in Canada Government to save you from having to go around looking for opportunities in vain.

Most Employable Occupations in Canada Government

  • Software Engineer.
  • Sales Representative.
  • Aerospace Engineers.
  • Accountants.
  • Nurses & Licensed Practical Nurses.
  • Civil Engineers.
  • Computer Programmers.
  • Computer Engineers.
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Suppose you carefully look over the following list, you’ll find that the health, engineering, and computer fields are the most critical sectors. They are highly sought-after in Canada and tend to pay decently.

If you’re looking to improve your chances of being employed for a job as an immigrant to Canada, ensure that you graduate from one of Canada’s key career areas that can be employed in Canada.

Top Canadian Companies That Sponsor Foreign Workers

Google Canada

The company is headquartered and located in Toronto; Google Canada has an enormous staff network worldwide. There are positions open to all careers, including Engineering and Technology, Sales, Legal, and Design.

Since Google is an equal employer that doesn’t discriminate against race or color, nationality, disability, or gender, the odds of getting a job in this branch of the company in Canada are higher if you have years of experience and can communicate in English or French well. There are a lot of jobs for sponsorship in Canada that are available on Google.

P&H Farming

One of the significant Canadian corporations that provide sponsorship to overseas people includes Parrish and Heimbecker Limited (P&H), a Canadian family-owned firm with more than 100 years of experience in agriculture. Founded in 1909, P&H is a growth-oriented, diversified, and vertically-integrated company with activities in grain marketing, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

Since agriculture is a significant sector in Canada, Agriculture-related companies such as P&H seek to hire foreign workers to help fill the labor gaps and ensure that there is always food available. Although farming is an unskilled job, having some experience and being younger can help your application. 


Another option to find sponsorship opportunities within Canada is to look at financial firms. KPMG is an auditing and tax advisory firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. They not only offer opportunities in the finance industry to executives and professionals with experience but also offer opportunities to students in the process of completing their studies. They market themselves as open and putting equity and diversity at the forefront of their hiring process.

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The Bank of Nova Scotia, often referred to as Scotiabank, is an international Canadian financial and banking company with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. It is the third largest Canadian bank in market capitalization and deposits, one of Canadian’s Big Five banks.

Scotiabank’s fame is due to its employees. Their welcoming culture encourages diversity. Their numerous accolades stem from this incredible environment. They are known for supporting the development of professionals, innovative ideas, and respect for each other. Their environment of work is welcoming to immigrants from abroad. They’re always searching for fresh members for their team.

Elastic Path

The final company on the top list of Canadian companies which offer foreign workers includes Elastic Path. Elastic Path is a headless commerce platform that integrates template-less eCommerce middleware in Enterprise Resource Planning. It is an API-based solution and is targeted at enterprises. You can find jobs at this Vancouver-based firm in HR, business development, Marketing, and Product Development and Sales.

With that said, we’ll look at the top Canadian employers as per Indeed.

Employers in Canada that Sponsor Immigrants

  1. Ledcor.
  2. American Express.
  3. RBC.
  4. H&R Block.
  5. Husky Energy.
  6. Suncor.
  7. Ericsson.
  8. Desjardins.
  9. CBC.
  10. Apotex.
  11. TELUS Communications.
  12. PwC.
  13. Accenture.
  14. Deloitte.
  15. Banque Nationale Du Canada.
  16. Citi.
  17. Shaw Communications.
  18. PepsiCo.
  19. Intact.
  20. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

You’ve got it. The list above is among the most employable firms in Canada. If you’ve earned an education in one of the most employable sectors, you could apply to any of these firms. It is also worth considering expanding your options beyond these categories.

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How can I find a Job opening in Canada?

The first thing you have to create is an impressive CV that aligns with Canadian employees’ standards. It should be clean and clear, written in English, and honest.

You can also look up these Canadian companies that sponsor Foreign Workers via Google and see what positions are open. Ensure the qualifications required for the position before applying to avoid rejection.

The third option is to go to job search sites such as Indeed and Linked In. Create a profile with your goal locations, experiences, and skills, and start searching. You should filter the search results on ‘visa sponsorships’ and “jobs for foreigners.”

Do I need a Job to be able to Immigrate to Canada?

While you don’t require an employment opportunity to move to Canada, having one can give you points towards the Comprehensive Ranking System Score (CRS), increasing your chances of getting Canadian permanent residency. Furthermore, getting a work permit in Canada could aid you in obtaining permanent residency.


Locating a company willing to allow a position is just one of the steps to moving to Canada. The first step is to verify your eligibility. This will help you determine which way to Canada it is best to go.