Facebook Events | Create Events on Facebook- Step by Step Guide

Do you know that it is possible to create events on Facebook? it is a way of marketing an event on social media (Facebook). With the sheer size of Facebook’s population, it is surely a profitable idea to create events on Facebook.

Create Events on Facebook- Step by Step Guide

The feature on the social media platform is done so that users on Facebook can indicate their interest in the event. Furthermore, it works with a reminder that alerts the proposed attendees of the event. The publisher of the event can actually view the response to the event as know just how many people are attending from Facebook.

You can create an event on Facebook.

  • create events on Facebook via a personal Facebook profile.
  • create events on Facebook via a Facebook page

The advantage of a user profile is that you can create an event on Facebook and make it a private event and just invite specific guests. However, for an open event, use create events on Facebook page. With this option, you do not need to guide your guest list.

Create events on Facebook page

Creating a Facebook page for business is worth it because of the massive shift online patronage. Furthermore, it gives organizations the need facelift and a wider reach and flexibility of advertising.

Create one for your business if you don’t already have. Before we diving into the steps lets go over the benefits.

Why create events on Facebook page

Creating events via facebook page has the following benefits.

More Control

Setting up a Facebook event this way, lets you control a lot:

  • you have the control over information to shares your event.
  • You can Add a co-host for the event.
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Built-in Features

Facebook provides built-in features for events you create on the platform, including:

  • There is a calendar you can embed on your own site.
  • Grants you a QR code for offline promotion.

Detailed Insights

Access to a personal Facebook’s insights such as audience, conversions, engagement, and more.

Better exposure and branding

Creating a Facebook event from a business page is a way of promoting your events and brand:

  • You can share related videos, photos, and posts on the event wall.
  • Extra visibility as through Facebook automatically as facebook will suggest your event to potential guests.
  • Insert a “Ticket URL” link to drive people to where you sell your tickets.

Now let’s look at how you actually create an event on Facebook.

How to create events on Facebook via business page

There are two main ways to start creating a Facebook event for a specific page.

Creating an event directly from the relevant Facebook page

  • Open your Facebook page.
  • Click “Event, Product +” in the status bar at the top.
  • Select “Create an event” from the list that opens.
  • Fill in the event details (see below for more info).

Creating an event from the main Facebook view

  • Click on “Events” to the left of the News Feed.
  • Click on the “Create Event” button on the left side of the page that loads.
  • Select “Create Public Event” from the dropdown (you want people to discover it).
  • In the “Event Host” dropdown, pick the Facebook page you want to associate with this event.

Whichever of the above paths you follow, you’ll then be asked to fill in your event details. For a hypothetical yoga event, it may look something like this: