Enable Facebook Dark Mode On PC, IOS, and Android

Facebook, like many other services, has a dark mode that replaces dark text on a bright background with light text on a dark background on iOS, Android, and the web. Dark modes are more aesthetically pleasing, especially at night. And can also help save battery life on smartphones and laptops. However, some Facebook users were astonished to see that the option to choose dark mode vanished suddenly.

Facebook Dark Mode

It wasn’t immediately obvious why the dark mode option vanished. But Facebook eventually announced that there had been a technical issue and that it was working to resolve it. Meanwhile, a possible workaround for iOS’ missing dark mode has been circulating.

For many users, the problem has been rectified, while for others, it may simply be a matter of updating the Facebook app. However, the entire scenario presents an opportune opportunity to remind individuals how to modify their Facebook dark mode settings. Or to explain it to those who may not be aware of the option for the first time.

Changing the dark mode settings on Facebook is straightforward, whether you’re using the website or one of the mobile apps. Users should go to the Facebook homepage and look in the top right corner for the downward-pointing arrow button.

When you click this, a drop-down menu will appear, including a ‘Display & accessibility’ option. Selecting that will bring up a new menu where you may turn on or off Facebook’s dark mode.

It’s also able to turn on or off a ‘Compact mode,’ which reduces the text size so that more can fit on the screen, as well as change several keyboard shortcut settings.

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Facebook Dark Mode On IOS & Android

iOS users should open the Facebook app and seek the hamburger menu in the bottom right corner, which looks like three horizontal lines. When you tap that, a menu will appear, including a ‘Settings & Privacy option. When you tap it, it expands to reveal a ‘Dark Mode’ menu item, among other things.

After that, users are given three options: on, off, or ‘System.’ The first two options are self-explanatory, enabling or disabling dark mode, while the ‘System’ option sets the dark mode to whatever is selected in the phone’s overall settings. It’s a clever little method that can assist maintain app consistency.

For Android users, the method is similar, but they should seek the hamburger menu in the upper right corner instead of the bottom. Users will see a menu with the identical ‘Settings & Privacy’ option after they tap it. When users hit this, a ‘Dark Mode’ option appears, allowing them to modify the setting to their liking.

Facebook Dark Mode On Desktop

For a long time, Facebook’s dark mode for desktop has been a wishlist feature. And today users can finally opt-in to try it (along with Facebook’s new redesign) on their PCs.

Anyone can now test it out. The new Facebook design includes a variety of new navigation tools, mobile preview choices, and a more user-friendly desktop layout. However, with all of these changes, you could forget how to enable Facebook dark mode.

You’ll get the choice to choose dark mode right away when you switch to ‘New Facebook’. If you omit that step, you can switch to dark mode later by selecting it from the drop-down options menu.

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Dark mode reduces screen glare so you don’t hurt your eyes by staring at a white background in a dimly lit room. The functionality is already available on a number of Facebook properties and now the original website has it as well.

Here’s how to enable Facebook’s dark mode on your computer.

To get Facebook dark mode on your desktop, follow these steps.

  1. Log into Facebook and go to the upper right corner of the page to the settings icon.
  2. In the drop-down settings menu, choose ‘Switch to New Facebook.’ This will take you to Facebook’s new interface
  3. In the pop-up welcome you to the revamped Facebook experience, click ‘Next.’
  4. On the right side of the ‘Choose a Look’ box, select ‘Dark.’ To begin, select ‘Get Started.’ You may now use the revamped Facebook in its entirety, complete with dark mode.