keywords Techniques: Where & How To Use Keywords Within Content

Ranking on search engines is the ultimate price and a gold mine for bloggers and SEO specialist. Proper keywords research, and placement within blog content paramount in attracting organic traffic which is the sure way of ranking on search engines.

keywords Techniques Where & How To Use Keywords Within Content

Research shows that 95% of users search engines only view the first page of search results. So getting on the first page is basically the real deal. Let do a recap on SEO keywords, because of the importance attached. Including keywords on your website aligns your website contents with the thoughts or search phrase potential customer.

Knowing your potential customer’s search phrase, thoughts or keywords is by proper keyword research using Keyword generators. These are tools that provide keywords to content writers. As such it plays a big role in the keywords research process

Before all diving lets look at:

How Search Engines Works with Keywords

Once you pass the huddle of keyword(s) and keyword research. Before embarking on keyword research you should have a niche you want to write about. The next step is also as important because it will determine the impact of the content.

Google crawler assess how your keywords are placed and use it to rank for the targeted search query. Google crawler works basically in three steps

  • Visit Website registered with them.
  • Catalog optimized web pages (i.e webpages with a keyword)
  • Rank the page based on the Google algorithm (which is constantly changing)

(It is important to note that keywords aren’t the only ranking factors but they play a major role in ranking)

Where to Use Keywords in Content

So articles with proper placement are placed on the first page that is presented to the user/customer. As such proper keyword research and placement within a content drive organic traffic and consequently ranking on search engines.

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Keywords tips for the Head Section

  • Title Tag: This is certainly an important aspect of content writing. The title is usually between 6-12 words, it important is to have the focused Keyword at the beginning or close.
  • Meta Description: The meta description is a 160-word combination of words that Google display as a summary. Meta tag must contain the keyword of the content. It is important that your content gives vital information in the first paragraph.

Keywords tips for the Body Section

Content must always live up to expectations. Because blogging is paramountly about proffering information before other reasons. As such the writing and structure must be comprehensible. Since visitors are expected to engage by the content.

  • Headings: The H1 tag defines the main purpose of the page. Hence it should contain the focus keyword. Similarly, H2 and H3 headings should also have another related keyword.
  • First words: content creators are meant to make a statement within the first 200 words of the body. It is important because of the internet reader’s habit.
  • Body text: keywords should be included reasonably within the body of the content. Although it is warned not to load content with keywords but fix it in with a reason and you will be ok.


  • Links: Make sure you create internal links as much as you can. but not with the focused keyword and place links after 200 words.