Keyword Research Tools: Importance of Keywords research – Tips to Picking Keywords

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So you have heard about the phrase keywords research or perhaps just keyword. The truth is that it should not be as strange as you imagine. But it is certainly important if you are starting a career in blogging or digital and other SEO dealings.

Always bear in mind that blogging and content creation is certainly a thing of service. You want to write what people want to read not what you wish to write. Before we plunge into keyword research lets get started with Keywords.

What are keywords and Why are they important?

Keywords are simply what your content is all about. Still, don’t get it? have you ever something on a search engined. For example how to make pancakes or Gmail or “PayPal account“. See, those are keywords or keyword phrase. Search engines target contents based keywords. So keywords are whatever you type in the search engine.

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As a content writer or blogger, It is paramount to have keywords on your content relevant to users search queries. The question is how do I know what people are going to search for? and that is where Keywords research comings.

Need to Choose Your Keywords Carefully.

There is a small trick to choosing keyword because as you can imagine some keywords are surely going to search for more than others. Some keywords get millions of search while other others have just a few hundred searches. It gets crazy when keywords cover a singular topic, but the more popular term people use has more search volume and opportunity of making more cash.

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As for the reason choosing a keyword has to be done very carefully with a certain approach in mind by launching keyword research.

What is Keywords Research

Keywords research is a conscious attempt to input and produce content that relates to popular search queries on search engines. In other words, Keywords research is done to know the actual search terms that people enter into search engines. As such with knowledge of search terms content creators can create content based on the research queries.

Keywords research Tools – How To do a Keywords search.

There are keywords research tools that help with choosing keywords for content.

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. Ahrefs (Offers 7 days trial for $7)
  5. LongTailPro
  6. KWFinder (Have a free plan as well)
  7. SpyFU
  8. SERPStat

Basically, keywords research tools help researchers ascertain the search volume, the average cost per click in google adword, cost per click, estimated competition.

The search volume and estimated competition are two great determinants for choosing a keyword. Another determinant is the google ranking of your website. It is generally advisable to create contents with a relatively low level of competition and high search volume.

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