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This article will discuss Payoneer transfers. Thus, if you’re one of the many Payoneer users looking for a tutorial on Payoneer fund transfers, this article has you covered. Continue reading below and please feel free to share it with your friends and family!!!

Payoneer is an online payment service that enables users and clients to send and receive money in over 250 countries and 150 currencies.


Payoneer Transfer gives you complete control and freedom when it comes to receiving and sending money via the worldwide payment service via your Payoneer account and Payoneer prepaid MasterCard debit card.

You load your Payoneer card with funds received from others, and then use it just like any other credit card to send funds to other users or to your bank account.

This online payment tool enables customers to engage with the Payoneer community quickly and conveniently by receiving and sending funds across accounts for free. Once you have received funds into your account, you can begin making transfers. And you can make these transactions via a variety of different services available on the site.

You will learn about these services as we proceed.

Payoneer Transfer: How Does It Work?

To utilize the Payoneer Transfer service, you must first have a Payoneer account and a prepaid MasterCard debit card. To begin, if you’ve been paid via Payoneer and wish to initiate a transfer transaction from your account, here’s how it works.

Transferring funds from one Payoneer account to another is completely free. And if you wish to transfer funds from your Payoneer account to a conventional bank account, the bank will charge you nothing; however, if your local currency is not the US Dollar, Payoneer will charge you for foreign currency conversion. Apart from that, there are no more hidden fees.

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Payoneer Transfer Services

Payoneer Transfer is comprised of three primary services. Let us examine these services and how they operate so that you may determine which one is most appropriate for your needs.

  1. The Global Payment Service

Payoneer’s online payment service – provides consumers with continuous access to their local receiving accounts. This account functions identically like a local bank account in the United States, the European Union, or the United Kingdom, among other countries. All you have to do is supply the other user with the details of this account and they will be able to make a transfer to yours.

And this undoubtedly entails rapid payment and receipt. It is absolutely hassle-free, as there are no headaches, worry, charges, laws, or currencies to contend with. Once the transfer is completed, the funds are transferred directly to the recipient’s Payoneer account, which the recipient can then withdraw at a bank or via the Payoneer prepaid MasterCard.

  1. Make a Payment Service

Do you need to pay a team member, a contractor, or a supplier? After that, you can utilize the Make a Payment Service to send funds to other Payoneer users. The best aspect about this service is that you may make these transfers completely free of charge. You are not required to pay anything!

  1. The Billing Service

You can send funds to your clients directly through the Payoneer service, and an email will be sent to them with information about the transfer or payment, as well as several additional methods of payment.

Payoneer Transfer Types

All transfers are made through the Payoneer service. Transfers can be made using the following methods:

  • The credit cards
  • Local bank transfers
  • eCheck
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The recipient of your transfer will be able to access the funds in their Payoneer account. They can withdraw funds by utilizing;

  • Local bank transfer
  • Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

How to Make a Payoneer Payment

Prior to initiating a transfer via the Payoneer payment service, you must first create a Payoneer account!

  1. Visit the Payoneer website to create an account.
  2. You will be provided on-screen instructions and details to provide.
  3. After creating your Payoneer account, log in using the user ID and password you created during the account creation process.
  4. The “Pay” section is located on this page. Click on “Make a Payment” beneath it.
  5. Enter the details of the user you wish to transfer.
  6. To make a payment, click “Make a Payment.”

And you’re finished.


Payoneer Transfer is a secure, convenient, and global payment method. That concludes our discussion of Payoneer Transfer | How to Conduct a Payoneer Fund Transfer. I hope you found this essay beneficial. Kindly forward it to your friends and family!!!