Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense which should i go for and why?

A lot of people have been asking questions like Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense which should I go for and why? Now I have an answer to that question. Follow up with this article to learn about Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.  As we all know that online business is a lucrative way of making money either through blog or Affiliate Marketing. Here there is  Nothing like a boss, You are everything.

Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense

Google AdSense

When checking a Google search engine results page, and your result loads you will get it viewed on the left and the adverts on the right. and sometimes the Google adverts will appear above you searches and it’s labeled ‘Sponsored’.

All these adverts are what Google refers to as AdWords program: PPC adverts (Pay Per Click), this is when every click on each advert generates money to the advertiser. This is done base on how much the advertiser offers Google for the pay per click.

The more you get to pay Google, the more your advert gets to appear at the top of Page #1 of the SERPs.

Adverts are also published by Google on web pages and also blogs who ask for it. The publications are also offered the percentage on the click price for doing so.

This is how Google AdSense Work.

  • When applying for AdSense, you state the sites you are publishing your adverts.
  • If you are approved by Google, They will allow you to publish on your site Ad blocks
  • This Ad blocks are one or more adverts, you would have seen them on your sites. You can also choose where to publish them.
  • Afterward, google visit the webpages containing the AdSense blocks, analyzing it with semantic analysis (similar to its LSI algorithm) to create a theme of your page. Then they publish an advert from its AdWords program into the blocks relating to your blog page/post or webpage.
  • However, Advertisers pay for clicks on their adverts. It ranges from 1 cent to over $50 depending on its keywords. The highest bidder gets the top list.
  • When you get clicks on one of your ads from a visitor to your site, you get 68% of the click cost credited to your account.
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Affiliate Marketing

This entails selling products that belong to other people or companies on a commission on your site. It’s more like being an online Avon or Amway agent. There are popular sources for affiliate products like Jumia, Amazon, Maxbounty, Konga, Commission Junction, etc.

You get paid whenever someone buys a product you advertise on your blog or website. You can get over 50% affiliate commission on sales price for electronically deliverable products (eBooks, software, etc) that its cost is not replaceable. However, you can get 2% and above commission for physical products.

Affiliate Marketing Vs Google Adsense:

This Adsense depends on how much work you have to do. If you don’t have much work its preferably to work with AdSense but if there is much work to do then Affiliate is better. When you have more work to do you get more money doing affiliate marketing. Below are the pros and cons of the two of them.

Google AdSense: Pros

  • If your topic on your web page or post does not relate to any affiliate product you can sell, you can use Google AdSense. It is a passive income. You need not create any email list or make a dialogue with any customer. Just put the ads on, no need to check or update it. You can now go to other pages to create AdSense.
  • You can easily make different web pages with AdSense: combining lots of pages you can make more money.
  • Your ads change, when you update or change your content.
  • You can easily install AdSense by adding some JavaScript where you want the ad to display.
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Google AdSense: Cons

  • Unless you make more promotion online you earn very little per page
  • You making money depends on search engines locating your pages.
  • You may make no money when Google policies change at any time.
  • Your account can be suspended because falling for Google’s Terms of service can be easily broken.
  • AdSense income can not be relied on, you need to build other businesses to serve as a huge means of living.

Affiliate Marketing: Pros.

  • You can make a niche blog or website, and relating to the niche focus on selling products.
  • You can earn a lot from affiliate marketing, as you use it as a long term business
  • The money you generate per sale is greater than the money you make per click on the AdSense.
  • You can tell how much you will make from a product, unlike AdSense that money fluctuates overnight.
  • You can make a per sale page so to encourage or persuade visitors to buy your products.

Affiliate Marketing: Cons.

  • To sell the product is quite difficult, and time-consuming as you make time to write promotional materials, create email list.
  • Getting a product to sell some times is consumes times
  • Strict eligibility rules are applied by some affiliate programs, such as making a minimum traffic requirement, or your blog or site to pass some screening for some product to be marketed.

Affiliate Marketing or Google AdSense

To make more money it is advisable to go with affiliate marketing. You can make little money from AdSense but don’t require much maintenance.

However AdSense needs more traffic to generate money in your blog, but you can still make money from affiliate marketing by using a mailing list to sell your product.

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If you do not have much ability to operate on your site or time to seek some affiliate products on your site, then you can go for AdSense. The major problem with AdSense is the little money you generate from the click, so you need more traffic to generate more money. The choice is yours to know if to go for Adsense or Affiliate marketing.