Google Webmaster Tools Setup Guide

Google webmaster tools is a very tool in blogging and Adsense. It should come before writing beautiful contents or even having hopes of ranking on the google search engine.

Google Webmaster Tools


It is a free service provided for website owners or admin for checking index status and optimize website visibility. Google Webmaster Tools was rebranded as Google Search Console on May 20, 2015.

It is as important as Google Analytics but it is less concern with the marketing aspect. Rather it focuses on the websites technical aspect.

Set up a Google account

To belong to any Google platform, you must have a Gmail account. It is more or less the ID and password to the Google family.

If you don’t have one you have to belong to the family by signing up.

  • Go to and
  • Then click on sign up

Google Webmaster Tools Account Set up

To start up Google webmaster tools set up visit

Open Google Webmaster Tools Account

  • Follow the prompt to sign in with your Google account (preferably the one link to your Google analytics)
  • Click on ‘Add a Site’.
  • Next, enter the URL of your website.
  • You will be required to verify entered. (There are several options).
  • Preferably use the Google Analytics account (Note it would be easier if you are the admin)
  • Once that is done your, account should be authorized and ready for use.

Add a sitemap

A site map is also known as sitmap is a collection or list of web pages that make up a site.

Three Types of Site Map

  • Design Site maps- Done during designing the website.
  • User Site map- They are short cuts listing that aid visitors to navigate a site
  • Structured listings- Created for web crawlers to locate a website.
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It is easy if you are running on a CMS platform such as WordPress. Just install the XML plugging to build a sitemap automatically. Submit the sitemap via the WMT interface.

Also, learn about Google Analytics and how to set it up.