Google Traffic on Google Map – What it is All About

Google Traffic takes traffic information such as stalled vehicles, wrecks and road construction into account and displays in Google Maps. The feature enables Google Maps to plot multiple paths to the final destination. It also takes note of extant traffic taking as well as predict future traffic.

How Google Traffic Recognizes Congested Roadways

Google through smartphone is capable of determining a user’s location with the aid of a GPS chip. The bounces a signal in order to triangulate and transmit the location of the phone.
In the same manner, Google connects and receives data from multiple smartphones at various locations. The ton of data is analyzed and processed into traffic data. Incredibly, filters out information before responding to requesting users with accurate traffic stats in real time.
However google traffic can be hindered when location services are turned off, which also means cannot access Google Maps Navigation.
When drawn into privacy issues Google states its activities doesn’t involve storing personal information.

How Google Traffic Knows About Lane Closures and Accidents

Google traffic work with information from smartphones but it isn’t the only source of information. In 2013, Google acquired Waze around a billion dollars. Waze is a crowdsourced traffic app where users report happening events such as accidents and road construction. This data also fuels google map for traffic information.
Secondly, Google also relies on data from local and state government reports for events.

What About Planning a Road Trip?

Google traffic has an interesting feature that allows users to predict traffic in the future. Future traffic projection can enable users to choose the best route prior to embarking on a trip.

  • Start by Clicking the Directions button to the right of the Search Google Maps
  • input box on the top-left of the map. The Directions button is a blue diamond with a white arrow in the middle.
  • Fill in the starting point and the destination fields to get the directions.
  • Just below the starting point and destination fields is a drop-down menu with Leave now selected. Click this drop-down and choose to Depart at instead.
  • A new field appears that lets you set the time and the date. The directions and estimated time changes with the information from future traffic predictions.
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