Best WordPress Page Builders in 2021

Are you looking to create a stunning, bespoke website? Say goodbye to long hours of coding! Making websites ten years ago was quite a headache, and the majority of people simply decided to hire someone else to do it for them. There are numerous WordPress page builders available nowadays that enable even non-techies to construct stunning, professional-looking websites. Continue reading to discover about a few of the best.

What Are WordPress Page Builders?

WordPress has surpassed all other platforms as the preferred platform for web design. According to W3techs, WordPress powers over 41% of the web, and with good reason. WordPress is a content management system that automates the majority of the heavy lifting for you by allowing you to paste web content into pre-designed posts and pages.

Now, because WordPress posts and pages by default use the same bland templates, the result is typically a boring website that appears identical to everyone else’s. You can modify your posts and pages with WordPress’ native Gutenberg editor, however, this functionality is currently limited.

To properly master your own website, you may want to consider taking a web-building course. Additionally, you might utilize well-developed multipurpose WordPress themes that include a variety of design possibilities.

However, for quick, one-of-a-kind design capabilities that are available to all, WordPress page builders are your best bet. WordPress page builders are plugins, or add-ons, that extend the fundamental functionality of WordPress. They include a slew of widgets that enable anyone designing a website to incorporate virtually any feature. At the very least, the superior ones do.

To be honest, there are numerous excellent WordPress page builders available, and focusing exclusively on these five may be unfair to the others. However, this organization has developed a reputation for excellence. If you’re developing a WordPress website, employing one of these page builder plugins is generally a good choice.

  1. Elementor


Elementor is the market-leading page builder for WordPress, and it was a true game-changer until the recent WordPress 5.8 release. WordPress 5.8 included new features such as native customization of headers and footers, which was previously a significant difficulty for inexperienced web designers. You either have to be familiar with WordPress code or use a premium theme or plugin such as Elementor Pro.

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Despite the fact that WordPress now partially supersedes Elementor, it remains one of the greatest page builders for anyone to use due to its extensive selection of widgets, predesigned blocks, and predesigned pages.

Elementor is one of the best tools to utilize in conjunction with WordPress for anyone trying to get things done quickly.

Who Is Elementor Beneficial To?

Elementor features the most intuitive drag-and-drop interface a web design novice could wish for, as well as an astounding selection of widgets even in its free version. While more seasoned users may appreciate its adaptability as well, you may find its usage limits to be a bit limiting.

  1. Beaver Builder


While Elementor is the obvious market leader in the page builder space, Beaver Builder is a worthy competitor. Beaver Builder shares many of the same capabilities as Elementor, including a robust widget library. One area where it falls short is in terms of pre-designed templates.

Additionally, you will be unable to alter your website’s header or footer using Beaver Builder. However, given that this is now possible directly within WordPress, this may not be an issue for you.

While beaver builder does not provide a free plan, it does offer a demo that allows you to test out the software’s capabilities before making a purchase. Additionally, Beaver Builder distinguishes itself by providing unlimited usage on all of its tiers.

For Whom Is Beaver Builder Ideal?

Beaver Builder has a strong feature set, with plenty of room for creativity on the part of more experienced developers. Additionally, it provides unrestricted use across all of its websites, making it an excellent tool to rely on if you work for an agency or are a web design professional.

  1. Visual Composer


Visual Composer is another popular and powerful page builder for WordPress worth considering. The free edition comes with only 30 pieces and ten pre-designed layouts. To put it into perspective, its paid plans include over 300 elements and 200 templates.

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Unlike Elementor, Visual Composer’s free version is limited to one website. If you wish to use Visual Composer to create several websites, you must subscribe to one of the pain options.

For Whom Is Visual Composer Ideal?

Visual Composer includes a number of capabilities that are aimed squarely at marketers and designers. If you’re interested in growth marketing, this is an excellent alternative.

  1. Thrive Architect


This newly released page builder from Thrive Themes is actually an improved version of the famous Thrive Content Builder plugin. With over 200 pre-designed page themes, it provides a plethora of options for creating visually appealing pages for your website. Additionally, each template is totally modifiable. You can combine features from many themes to create a website that is completely tailored to your tastes and needs.

While this plugin allows you complete creative power over the design of your website, the variety of pre-designed templates accessible to jumpstart your designs is restricted in comparison to other builders.

Thrive Architect does not have a free version. However, its relatively low price more than compensates. To obtain this website builder, you must purchase Thrive Suite, a package that includes all of Thrive Themes’ products. Thrive suite is available for $19 per month and includes lifetime updates.

For Whom Is Thrive Architect Ideal?

If you want to create a website that is focused on sales and conversions, Thrive Architect is a wonderful choice. With built-in lead generation tools like pop-up boxes and opt-in forms, this page builder is primarily focused on persuading users to do the desired action.

5. WP Bakery


With over 4,000,000 installs, WP Bakery is a market leader and a direct competitor to Elementor. It’s simple to see why it’s a web designer’s favorite. To begin, WP Bakery provides a robust set of functionalities, while also making it simple for developers to modify them with features such as CSS modification and access to the WPBakery page builder API.

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Unlike most page builders, which only include a frontend editor, WP Bakery includes both. It enables you to select the interface that is most appropriate for you at any point during the web development process.

Although there is no free version of this plugin, there is a demo version available on the WP Bakery website. This enables you to try it on and determine whether it is a good fit for you prior to making a purchase.

For Whom Is WP Bakery Ideal?

In comparison to other builders such as Elementor, WP Bakery has a steeper learning curve and is, therefore, more suitable for advanced users. WP Bakery is an attractive option for programmers and developers due to its ability to extend its capabilities.


Each of the five WordPress page builders we’ve discussed are excellent choices. Which one, then, should you choose? The answer is dependent on your unique circumstances. The beautiful part is that you may experiment with these page builders and choose the one that works best for you!

If you’re creating a new WordPress website, page builders can be beneficial, but you’ll also need to grasp how to use themes. Themes have the power to make or ruin a WordPress website.