How to Schedule a Post (Article) on WordPress Blog Websites

How to Schedule a Post on WordPress. Scheduling a post on WordPress is not hard like you think. It is very simple and does not take time.

How to Schedule a Post (Article) on WordPress Blog Websites

However, for those finding it very difficult to schedule posts on WordPress, or probably maybe you have not heard of it, then this article is for you.

How to Schedule a Post on WordPress

All you need to do is to keep reading carefully to understand how you can do it.

Some people do not really know that they can schedule a post on WordPress.

The reason is that the feature is hidden and that is the more reasoner a lot of beginners don’t notice at all. All they do is write and publish their article.

So if you are a beginner, this article is for you. You should keep reading till the end to understand more.

Do you know that once you schedule your post or article, you do not have to start worrying about publishing a post at a specific time? Especially if you are the busy type.

Once you schedule your post to publish at a specific time, once the time reaches, your post will automatically publish. Yes! it will. That is the goodness that comes in it.

Why do We Schedule Posts?

So many people have different reasons for scheduling any post at all. That is one thing you should.

The reason why this person schedules his or her posts might not be the same reason why the other scheduled his or hers.

It all depends on us and why exactly we schedule posts.

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Some people schedule posts probably because they feel or they know they will be very busy at a specific time. So they have no choice but to schedule it.

Also, most workers going for holidays schedule posts as they might not have enough time to write any post or article during the holiday season.

Everyone wants to have the fun of course!. So they are left with the option of scheduling their posts. It is as simple as that…

Scheduling Posts on WordPress

If you have been finding it difficult with scheduling a post or an article on WordPress, then this article is for you. You are just on the right platform!

Here, I have listed the basic and simple steps to follow to schedule a post on WordPress.

Interestingly, not did I just write the steps, I also inserted pictures to help go about it very easy and simple!… Keep reading to see how you can schedule a post on WordPress.

How to Schedule a Post on WordPress

Here is how you can easily schedule a post on WordPress without any stress. Everything listed here is detailed and simple.

All you just need to do is to please read carefully and follow all the steps here. Ensure not to miss any step.

Steps for Scheduling Posts on WordPress:

  • Before you can schedule any post, the very first thing to do is to visit your “Dashboard”.
  • Once you login to the website, then you are on the Dashboard automatically.
  • The next thing to do is to click on the article you want to schedule.
  • Now that you have opened the article you wish to schedule, click on the “Edit” button under “Status” and “Visibility” close to “Publish”.
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  • Now, select the Month, Date, Year, as well as the time you want the Article to Publish.



  • Then click on “OK”.
  • Once you click on the “OK” button, you will notice the “Publish” button change to “Schedule”.


  • Click on “Schedule” to schedule the post then you are good to go!

Very easy right! Yes, I know well… So, now you should go give it a try!

Schedule WordPress: Some of the things you should know about Scheduling

Here are some basic things you should know about Scheduling, Rescheduling, and Un-scheduling a post on WordPress:


  • You can actually reschedule your post or page just by editing the date and the time the post was published.
  • Next is to enter a future date and time, then click on “Schedule”.
  • Once the time you schedule for arrives, the post you scheduled will now move from its current position on your page to the most recent spot on your blog.
  • And it will as well show the new date and time.

Also, the link for the post for the page will also change to reflect the new publication date.

There is nothing to worry about, your post will not redistribute to your email subscribers when you reschedule a post.


If you have scheduled a post or page to be published in the future, but you feel you do not want to schedule it again but want to publish the post immediately. It is simple.

All you need to do is to:

  • Click on the scheduled date close to “Publish”.
  • Then change the scheduled date to today.
  • Once you do that, the “Schedule” button will then change to “Publish”.
  • You can now publish your today’s article.
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If for any reason your scheduled post or page does not appear, then you should consider checking the following:

  • Check if your timezone is correct.
  • Check if you saved your post as a draft or rather scheduled it. Because for the post or page to publish at the scheduled time, you must click on the “Schedule” button.
  • Has no one visited your blog yet? Try to log out of and visit your blog’s front page.
  • If you have got over 100 scheduled posts, try reducing them. It might be a part of the cause.
  • Also, check if your post or page visibility is set to Private.

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