WordPress SEO: Best WordPress SEO Plugins in 2021

Growing a good WordPress website demands significant time, effort, and financial investment. Engaging content, a well-designed sitemap, a high level of customer happiness, crucial products or services, and a healthy dosage of SEO are just a few of the numerous resources you’ll need to give.

Let us concentrate on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A website that is not growing organically and reaches fewer users is likely to have bad SEO. And in these instances, a WordPress SEO plugin might be of great assistance. Fortunately, WordPress includes a number of SEO plugins that can assist you in implementing your SEO strategy!

What Are the Different Types of WordPress SEO Plugins?

With the support of sophisticated tools such as sitemaps, audit checklists, content insights, and backlinks, a WordPress SEO Plugin may easily assess the information on your website. This provides information on how well your website performs in search engines. WordPress has a plethora of SEO Plugins that can assist you in optimizing your site and establishing a steady flow of high-quality traffic.

The following are the top WordPress SEO plugins:

  1. Yoast Search Engine Optimization


The Yoast SEO plugin is unquestionably one of the most popular and perhaps the best WordPress SEO plugins available. This plugin will guide your website to the top and ensure that it outperforms all competitors!

The Yoast SEO system thoroughly examines your website and posts and notifies you of any available SEO improvements. Additionally, it provides advanced SEO for your keywords and keyphrases.

Yoast SEO’s Key Features include the following:

  • Sitemaps XML Advanced
  • Templating the title and meta description
  • Analyses of content and SEO
  • Enhancements to technical SEO
  • Provides a glimpse of the search engine’s performance
  1. SEO All-in-One


AISEO (ALL in One SEO) is a one-of-a-kind WordPress SEO plugin that doubles as an exceptional marketing toolkit. This WordPress SEO plugin’s main purpose is to aid users in achieving a higher rating on search engine result pages (SERPs).

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AISEO has an unlimited number of SEO keywords, an RSS SEO sitemap, Google Site links, and many more features. You’ll receive every piece necessary to ensure your website has an excellent SEO score.

Since its inception in 2007, millions of people have relied on AIOSEO to assist them in setting up their WordPress sites and directing traffic and attention to them! Additionally, it’s an excellent tool for quickly establishing WordPress SEO and maintaining results over time.

All In One SEO’s Key Features include the following:

  • Optimization of the on-page SEO
  • TruSEO score: an in-depth examination of content and readability
  • SEO for several locations
  • Advanced search engine optimization schema
  • Automatic Image SEO boosts the visibility of your photographs in search results.
  1. RankMath SEO


RankMath SEO made our list since it has grown in popularity exponentially since its inception and continues to roll out user-friendly enhancements to its services. This SEO Plugin is ideal for individuals who would want not to spend excessive time managing your SEO peculiarities.

Rankmath has a number of sophisticated features that can assist your website in acquiring top SEO capabilities and the services of a full SEO team through clever automation.

RankMath SEO’s Key Features include the following:

  • Optimize an Unlimited Number of Keywords
  • Keep an eye on your Google Keyword Rankings.
  • Google Schema Markup Language
  • LSI Keyword Research Tool
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  1. Redirection


For almost a decade, Redirection has been a part of the WordPress plugins family. It is the most well-known redirect manager for WordPress. You can manage up to 301 redirects and easily accommodate sites that require more than that.

With Redirection, you gain access to capabilities that enable you to view all of your website’s redirection. Additionally, once you’ve disabled URL matching, you’ll have roughly ten additional redirection options. Additionally, it monitors 404 Errors to provide a means of resolving all issues in bulk.

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Redirection’s defining characteristics include the following:

  • Logging in its entirety with configurable options
  • Redirects on a Conditional Basis: (Logins status, browser, referrer, cookies etc.)
  • Incorporate HTTP headers
  • Management of QUERY Parameters
  • Additionally, Redirect supports Apache and Nginx interaction.
  1. SEO Press


SEO Press is one of the most popular and intriguing WordPress SEO Plugins on our list, owing to the tool’s versatility and the effect it has on your WordPress website. Additionally, there is a lengthy list of positive evaluations.

SEO Press saves you time and money by providing an all-in-one solution for optimizing your website’s search engine optimization. It does content analysis to generate unique SEO-optimized text, including dynamic Meta Descriptions. As a result, you can execute all necessary SEO tasks with a single plugin.

SEO Press’s Key Features include the following:

  • Comprehensive content analysis with an unlimited number of keywords
  • Social Media Previews for Facebook and Twitter
  • Transfer all types of preferences and settings between websites.
  • Google Analytics and Matomo are used to track downloads.
  • Google Graph of Knowledge
  1. SEO Framework


One of the cleanest and most organized WordPress SEO Plugins available, The SEO Framework stands out due to its startling speed and a plethora of functions that will assist alleviate all your SEO issues. Compatible with the majority of standard website specifications, The SEO Framework has the potential to be a game-changer for you.

The SEO Framework’s Key Features include the following:

  • Create critical SEO meta tags
  • The developers’ unwavering support
  • Users will feel at ease with the interactive, straightforward graphical user interface.
  • Strict canonical standards insure that your faults are covered and that all types of errors are eliminated.
  • The SEO Framework does not produce cookies, ensuring that your privacy is protected to the best extent possible.
  1. Squirrly SEO


Squirrly SEO 2021 is an excellent WordPress SEO solution powered by artificial intelligence. Amateurs with little to no SEO experience can use this fantastic WordPress SEO Plugin to set up their WordPress website and direct traffic to it.

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Squirrly SEO is a SaaS+ WordPress SEO plugin that can significantly enhance your website’s traffic. Therefore, if you are not an expert but would need assistance with improving your website’s SEO, Squirrly SEO is the greatest tool for you.

Squirrly SEO 2021’s Key Features:

  • Automation Features: AI enables everything to be automated and operated smoothly.
  • Provides a sitemap in XML format.
  • Suggestions and protection against negative terms
  • Google Analytics is fully integrated.
  • 300+ SEO features


In 1996, Bill Gates declared, “Content is King.” Without performing content, all marketing and SEO efforts will fail to succeed or will fail to generate the required growth. While SEO is critical, it will have little chance of growing your online business without intriguing, exciting, or visually appealing content.