Who viewed my Profile? How to Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Are you here to learn how to know who visited my Facebook profile? or Are you curious? How to Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile?

These and several other questions (such as the ones above) are just a few of the numerous ones that Facebook users are clamoring for an answer to.

  1. Is it possible to see who views your Facebook profile?
  2. How Can I Determine Who Visited My Facebook Page if I Am Not Friends With Them?
  3. Is it feasible to determine who has accessed your Facebook profile?

Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Interestingly, I’m going to show you how to find out who viewed your Facebook profile throughout this article.

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How to Find Out Who has Viewed Your Facebook Profile

The following are the several methods you can use to determine who has viewed your Facebook profile:

How to Manually Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

If you are one of the many Facebook users who want to find out who has visited their profiles on the social networking site, here is one of the easiest ways to find out.

To begin, you must access your Facebook profile by logging in using the facebook.com address in your browser.

Following that, right-click anywhere on the Facebook page and select “see page source” (or use “CTRL+U” to examine the page source). The page source is visible in the popup box; simply click on it to proceed.


Once you’ve completed the preceding steps correctly, a new tab will instantly appear. This tab will contain a portion of the source code. This will also provide all pertinent details.

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To proceed, hit CTRL+F on your keyboard. This will bring up a search window, which you may then copy-paste this “BUDDY ID” into.

You will now get a list of the profile ids of those who have viewed your profile. At this point, all you need to do is copy these profile IDs (any 15-digit number) and then enter facebook.com and paste the copied id (for example, facebook.com/100010542976550).

Interestingly, the first ID will display the majority of the time the person who viewed or visited your profile.

Here is a YouTube video that walks you through the entire procedure;

  1. The Official Way to Determine Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

This is the official technique for obtaining information about who has viewed your Facebook profile. Simply follow the instructions below:

Facebook has recently implemented a completely new function called “who viewed your profile.” Intriguingly, this Facebook recently implemented a function that enables users to determine who has viewed their profiles.

This function enables you to easily view all Facebook users who have viewed your Facebook profile in the last 30 days. Yes, you heard correctly.

Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

The location of the feature is indicated in the image above. This is how you do it:

  • To begin, you must log in to your Facebook account.
  • Following that, select the triangular-shaped icon or the menu button.
  • Locate and click on the Privacy Shortcuts from the dropdown menu that opens.
  • You should now notice a new feature called “Who viewed my profile.”

t’s worth noting that this new Facebook function is currently only available on the iOS App. Additionally, other reports indicate that this feature will be available only on April 1st.

  1. How to Use iOS Apps to Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

I believe the aforementioned procedures have enabled you to view all of the individuals who have visited your Facebook profile.

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To be sure, we felt it necessary to include this method as well. Thus, if you’re one of the numerous iOS users who’ve encountered difficulties with the past processes, this is the method for you.

Despite this, some users may have issues while using this method, such as adding one extension or another.

Thus, several iOS developers and designers have created an app called “social fans” to address this issue.

You will be able to examine detailed information on who viewed your profile when you use the social fans app

The app is available for all iOS devices on the iTunes store. This application will assist you in obtaining social support by allowing you to see who has viewed your profile.

The strategies listed above will assist you in resolving your query. Additionally, current reports and information indicate that Facebook has added a new option to their application. This option will immediately inform you of who has viewed your profile.

It’s worth noting at this point that this method was previously unavailable owing to rumors and security concerns.

However, with security and user interface upgrades, this option is now available to all Facebook users.

  1. How to Find Out Who Visited My Facebook Profile Using a Chrome Extension

Believe me when I say that this strategy is quite simple for any Facebook user to implement. Additionally, it’s worth noting that this method is a pretty reliable way to determine who visited your profile.

Apart from its simplicity, the strategy actually saves a significant amount of time. To begin, one must review some of the provided information. Following this, the user may feel more secure and comfortable, as they now know who has viewed their profile.

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Thus, the user must first navigate to the Social profile extension page. There is an option to “add to chrome” at the top.

This will aid in the extension’s installation and enable it to be added to your browser. Wait a few minutes as the process completes certain downloading activities. After the download is complete, click on the Add extension button.

After completing the preceding steps, you will arrive at a couple of the last steps. Now navigate to www.facebook.com and check in with your account to see who has viewed your profile but is not a friend. Once your Facebook profile is loaded, the timeline bar becomes visible.

This bar will display a new option for you as a “visitor.” This is the individual who saw your profile.

That concludes our article on How to Determine Who Viewed My Facebook Profile – Who Visited My Facebook Profile.