FAQs About Facebook Deactivation Answered

If you decide that you no longer want to use Facebook, it’s easy to delete your account. There is, however, another possibility. Rather than deleting your Facebook account, you can simply deactivate it. However, what happens when your Facebook account is deactivated? Can you still use Messenger if you deactivate Facebook?

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What Is the Difference Between Deleting and Deactivating your Facebook Account?

There is a distinction to be made between Facebook deactivation and deleting your Facebook account. These are not synonymous terms.

Facebook Deactivation is for users who are unsure whether they want to permanently leave Facebook. If you’re simply looking to take a break from social media, Facebook deactivation is a viable choice, though not the only one. You could simply ignore Facebook without deactivating it, but that relies on your proclivity for re-engagement.

Delete Facebook is a more lasting solution. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you delete your account, you cannot expect any of your data to remain intact when you reactivate it. There is a way to restart, but we’ll discuss that later.

Can People Find Me if I Deactivate My Facebook Account?

Individuals can continue to look for you, but your profile should not appear. In principle.

Your timeline will vanish, as will your “likes” list. That should occur quickly, however, you will need to clear a few hurdles to reach that point. Everything will become imperceptible.

Similarly, if you remove your Facebook account, your profile would be deleted. However, complete deletion will take some time because the social network allows for a 30-day grace period before reaching the point of no return.

If you reinstate your account immediately after deactivating it, it will be automatically reactivated.

Otherwise, Facebook takes 90 days to destroy information associated with a deleted account from its servers. While some details will remain, any personal identifiers will be removed. You’re going to become a statistic.

Does Deactivating Facebook Completely Remove My Profile?

Facebook Deactivation should result in the disappearance of your profile. However, some deactivated users say that upon re-authentication, they receive a large number of pending friend requests. This implies that their names and connections are still searchable. Complete details should not be viewable, depending on your privacy settings.

How do you ensure that your deactivated Facebook profile is completely deleted? Conduct a straightforward search, either through a friend’s profile or through Google. The former is the preferable alternative; otherwise, it may take considerable time searching results for people with the same name as you. This should indicate whether or not people can still locate you after canceling your account.

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If you are still logged into Facebook, try checking back in and deactivating again. If none of these works, you can either complain to Facebook or go to the next step: deletion. Before you do that, continue reading to learn what you need to do before completely deleting Facebook.

If I deactivate Facebook, do my comments vanish?

If a Facebook deactivation was successful, your own timeline posts should no longer be publicly available, and your friends should also be unable to see them. Your entire profile will be deleted. However, this does not mean that any remarks you’ve made to others will vanish as well.

Facebook is memory-obsessed. It enjoys eliciting nostalgia and reminding you how long you’ve been on social networking. It is to increase brand loyalty.

That is why your comments will not be deleted. Since Facebook has removed the link to your account, your name will appear in plain text. Additionally, Facebook will replace your profile image with a standard icon.

Naturally, if you choose to reactivate your Facebook account after facebook deactivation, all of those postings will be restored to their original state.

What happens if you permanently delete Facebook? Facebook will delete your data within three months, but there are no guarantees that it will delete all of your flotsam and jetsam comments, reactions, and postings on other people’s timelines.

How to Determine if Someone on Facebook Has Blocked You or Deactivated Their Account

What is the appearance of a deactivated Facebook account? You will be unable to view their profile, as links will revert to plain text. Their posts on your timeline will remain visible, but you will be unable to click on their name.

If you’re concerned about someone’s remarkable lack of activity on Facebook, there are three possible explanations. The first reason is that they are just overworked. Send them a message to inquire about their well-being.

Take a look at your list of friends. If they remain on the list, they are most likely just distracted. If they are not, the alternative is that they have barred you. However, before you explore that, inquire as to whether they have entirely deleted their account.

Check a mutual friend’s profile to see if the person in question is listed. If a person’s name is searchable, their profile is still available. Regrettably, this most likely implies they’ve blocked you.

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Check Messenger; there may be a technical difficulty. You cannot send a message to someone who has blocked you, and any remarks they previously made on your timeline will be replaced with their profile image.

Is Messenger Still Usable Without Facebook?

You may be concerned that by deactivating Facebook, you would lose access to the independent (but still connected) Messenger application. Both are owned by the same corporation and utilize the same contact database. Messenger appears to be incapable of existing without its parent, which was previously the case.

However, even if you do not have a Facebook account, you can utilize Messenger.

When you cancel your account, Facebook will prompt you to disable Messenger as well. If you choose no, the app will save your information. If you’d rather not use Messenger, you can deactivate it separately.

In some circumstances, after deactivating Messenger, you may need to reinstall it. If you remove Facebook, you will very probably have to re-enter your credentials, albeit in a slightly different manner. This is accomplished by clicking Not On Facebook? and entering your name and phone number. Allow access to your address book in order to communicate with friends.

Are My Messages Viewable if I Deactivate Facebook?

Yes, you can continue to use Messenger, and so your messages will remain visible after canceling your account. Indeed, when you click “Send,” the message will be delivered directly to the recipient’s mailbox, as long as you have internet access.

If you delete Facebook, however, all past messages will be labeled “Facebook User.” The addressee will be incapable of responding. By the way, this is exactly what occurs when you block someone.

Is It Possible to Reactivate a Facebook Account?

If you’ve canceled your Facebook account, all you need to do is re-enter your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it. Your profile, as well as your personal details, remain intact. Typically, previous messages and comments reappear as well.

Indeed, Facebook makes it really simple to reactivate. This is especially true if you have shared your phone number with the social network. Certain users have reported receiving texts from Facebook enticing them to return. Even mistakenly clicking on the linked link will reactivate your profile. (Of course, clicking on SMS links is risky, so proceed with caution!)

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Is it possible to reactivate a deactivated Facebook account? You can, but it will be more challenging. Prior to deletion, you must have taken actions to prepare for your reactivation.

Facebook allows you to obtain a copy of all the data it has stored about you. This means you can reactivate your account, though the process is a little more involved than if you simply canceled it.

What Happens to Tagged Photos After Facebook Is Deactivated?

Because Facebook has archived your data in anticipation of your return, tags in photographs will remain. Those tags, however, will be converted to plain text. Nobody can associate those photographs with a profile (remember, your profile is invisible to the public). This also applies to any other posts in which you are tagged.

If you restart your account, the tags will automatically reappear as if nothing had happened.

Similarly, following deletion, tags revert to plain text. If you create a new account, those original tags will no longer be associated with your name automatically. Consider the number of people who share your name.

Assume you destroyed your profile, then realized your error and decided to restore it. You’ll need to contact your contacts and request that they delete any existing tags and replace them with your new profiles.

Are you concerned about an embarrassing photograph? You don’t want people to be able to identify you even after your account is deactivated or deleted? Don’t forget that you can always manually remove tags—but you should do so prior to taking any further action with your account.


If you’re reading this and unsure whether to delete or deactivate Facebook, go for the latter and continue using it. Why? Because you are definitely undecided about your choice. It is preferable, to begin with, a non-nuclear option that will enable you to return one day.