Instagram Business Profile How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram business profile has further blown wide the purpose of Instagram. To Sell from Instagram has been a buzz around social media. The social media at large has been responsible for many start-up businesses in recent time. Business practically now lives on the Instagram business profile and sell from Instagram to millions of clients.

Instagram Business Profile How to Sell on Instagram

If the business vision of Instagram was blurry, it fair to say that vision is now lucid to all. Instagram business is the new market place and all effort is geared in that direction.

Start an Instagram Business Profile

  • Download the app

Using the mobile app is one of the best tools that bring out the beauty to sell from Instagram. Because it can be used on the go and from anywhere.

This is the place to begin if you are not an Instagram user. Download the app on your smartphone. Instagram app is available for download on all smartphone platforms.

The app enables you to post pictures more conveniently so it might be more preferable to the desktop version.

  • Create an account

Before creating an Instagram business profile you need to first have a personal profile. After Launching the app. There are two way to create an account either

  • Option 1: Sign up with your email address or phone number, and then enter a username.
  • Option 2: If you have a Facebook account, you can log in with the same information and link the accounts.

Just sign in if you already have an account.

  • Connect to Facebook

Instagram by default opens personal accounts for new users.  The Instagram business profile functions with a facebook page.

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This can be done by entering the setting by taping the gear or ellipsis icon at the top right corner of the page.

On the next page, scroll down and tap on “Switch to the business profile.” Flip through the promo slides then connect to Facebook. Select “Choose a page,” and set the page to “public.” Click “OK.”

Next, Instagram will seek permission from the admin of the Facebook pages. Look through the list of Facebook business pages you’ve already created. Select the right page, and click “Next.”

  • Complete the Instagram business profile setup

Enter an email, phone number, and address for your business. Some fields will be auto-filled based on information on Facebook.

Next Click “Done,” and go to your profile. A new graph will be shown displaying your Insights page, where you can keep track of promotions and engagement stats.

At any time, you can go back to the profile page and switch back to a personal account.

  • Create a new business page

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you can do this at the same time. At the point of choosing a page, select “Create one” at the bottom of the screen.

Then set a title for the facebook page, and choose the category the business. Some options include:

  • Books and magazines
  • Brands and products
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Event sources
  • Local businesses
  • Websites and blogs

Choose a subcategory to better direct people to your page. Then Click “Next.”

Tips to Sell from Instagram successfully

  • Consistency: To sell from Instagram requires consistency to keep on when the chips are down especially at the beginning.
  • Promotion: Instagram ad the best way to drive followers on an Instagram business page. At the end of every promotion, two things are sure engagements and followership.
  • Good Photo: Instagram is a visual site before all the business introduction. As such to successfully sell from Instagram you need a call to action photo that will prompt engagements.
  • Good call to action text: To sell from Instagram make sure that the text attached to your Instagram stories are good to call to action statements.