Apply for ETO Job Opportunities – All you need to know

Have you ever wondered about what an Electro-Technical officer does? The electro-technical official (ETO) is a relatively new job that provides many possibilities. If you’re considering this field, it’s definitely one to consider. Here are some valuable tips to help determine if this is the right career for you:

What you need to know about the ETO position

An ETO is responsible for maintaining and repairing all electronic and electrical equipment aboard the vessel, like complicated engine room control systems, radar equipment, radio communications, and electronic chart systems. They’re responsible for ensuring all electronic and electrical equipment aboard is maintained and monitored to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the ship. It’s a significant responsibility.

In this article, we’ll review the responsibilities and duties of Electro-Technical Officers. Find out the department they are employed in, and then examine the qualifications, abilities, personal skills, and skills that you require to be an efficient ETO.


One of the most exciting aspects of ETO positions is their relatively new occupations. Although vessels have had a Chief Officer (Captain) as well as the Chief Officer and deck crew, including able-bodied seamen and Bosuns, the development of electronic and electrical technology has resulted in crew members who are specialists who take care of the equipment.

There is a need in the present for workers to fill Electro-Technical Officer positions, making it an excellent option for a career within the maritime industry.

It is an opportunity at sea ideal for someone passionate about electronic devices and electrical things.

What are the ETO Roles

The ETO’s responsibilities are quite broad; however, they are concentrated on supervising and maintaining electrical equipment on the ship. The duties associated with ETO jobs are varied. ETO job, based on the kind of vessel (for example, cruise ships, superyachts, and cargo vessels) as well as the company, may encompass any or all one of these:

  • Monitoring the electronic and electrical equipment aboard the ship.
  • Make sure the maintenance plans are designed and strictly followed.
  • Troubleshooting issues arise related to the equipment or systems they are responsible for.
  • Diagnostics of any problems and faults and repair if necessary.
  • Helping the Chief Engineer and other department members with their delegated tasks.
  • Coordination with technicians onshore as required.

We’ve already covered that the Electro-Technical Officer’s responsibilities are supervising the maintenance and repair equipment on the vessel and the yacht. What is this about, and what equipment might it be?

A person with an ETO requires a solid knowledge of all things electrical since the list is quite long!

qualifications of an ETO

Also, the various qualifications needed for an ETO will be contingent upon the organization they work for or their country. The information below should not be taken as a definitive list; however, it will give you an idea of what certifications and certificates could be required.

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It is a clear benefit for an upcoming ETO to have completed electro-technical engineering or the operation of navigational, marine communications, and the electrical system.

Some employers may require a bachelor’s degree in electrical or marine engineering or a master’s degree in electrical engineering with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. In some organizations, there is no condition.

Like all crew members working in the deck or engineering departments, ETOs are required to possess an official seafarer’s Certificate of Competency (CoC) and as well as having completed an introductory STCW Safety Course of Training that includes the first aid course, as well as fire protection, and fire fighting.

Anyone who works as a seafarer will also require a valid medical certificate.

Skills and Qualities an ETO should have

It’s probably not a surprise that a potential Electro-Technical Officer must be fascinated with electronic and electrical systems and engineering.

They should be technically focused, problem solvers, logical, and an excellent team player. They must also be able to respond quickly and deal with emergencies – similar to every other officer on the ship. An ETO must be able to react and manage calmly any potentially hazardous circumstances.

They must be able to see specifics to spot potential problems in the equipment and systems they control. This means having good eyesight, and most importantly, not being color blind is crucial since they will work using color-coded alarms, warning lights, and electrical wires.

They need to be hardworking and on a personal level like any other person working in the maritime industry. They must be able to manage to be for an extended period without their home and family, and acquaintances.

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ETO Job Opportunities you can apply for

Below are the few job opportunities available for the position of ETO.

#1 Planning Manager- ETO (Engineered to Order)

LocationRaleigh North Carolina, USA
Career LevelManager (Manager/Supervisor)
Work TypeFull Time
Job CategoryEngineering
Employment TypeDirect Hire
RelocationRelocation option is available if needed

Managing the site ( Planning Manager-ETO) job is a leader for an organization of about 10 individuals responsible for ensuring the highest quality in materials and operations planning for the Engineered to Order (ETO) company at the Raleigh, NC facility.

This encompasses all aspects of planning procedures and materials through the medium, short, and long-term cycles of planning to help customers with their requirements for orders and production control, MRP, and master planning data management.

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The role should demonstrate the mindset of leadership in the enterprise and help create an environment of high performance in both functional and behavioral aspects, engaging employees and fostering their development and efficient site team collaboration.

  • The position will lead and supervise the planning team through every step that involves scheduling and committing orders from customers to backlogs and the development and implementation of the capacity and supply plan as well as a forecast of order shipment to ensure timely delivery of the customer’s requirements and meet the financial objectives of the operation.
  • Partner with the operations team in evaluating the plan’s production through the short, medium, and long-term projects. Ensure that the capacity of operations and capabilities are adequate to carry out the program and act to address any weaknesses. Improve the quality of the utilisation of resources in the plant through efficient capacity planning procedures.
  • Develop and implement the inventory flow and materials plan and implement robust systems for managing materials to improve the plant’s inventory levels, including WIP, purchased, and stock of finished goods to attain working capital objectives and meet the demands of the customer demand plan.
  • Lead all aspects of the ERP system’s data integrity and accuracy in transactions. Ensure that controls are in place for each department to ensure that the system is operating according to the correct BOM structure, precise production routes, master data of items, transactions, inventory accuracy, and the accuracy of data entries in the system. Make sure that the planning processes and ERP data governance allow the accurate aggregation of demand and supply to determine the appropriate actions. Assist in all aspects of data integrity within the ERP system in the interest of maintaining the health of ERP and fully utilising its potential.
  • As the leader of your site, show an unwavering dedication to the company’s values and behaviours, creating an environment of high performance in our thinking and behaviour. Follow your Flowserve Code of Conduct, and communicate the same standards across each functional group.

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#2 Planning Manager- ETO (Engineered to Order)

LocationTempe Arizona, USA
Career LevelExperienced (Non-Manager)
Work TypeFull Time
Job CategoryEngineering
Employment TypeDirect Hire
RelocationNot specified
Job description

A leading automotive audio manufacturer that designs and produces high-performance audio and infotainment solutions for motorsports, mobile motorcycles, marine OEM and aftermarket applications. We seek passionate individuals who would like to develop purpose-built solutions that provide rich audio experiences for our customers.

We are seeking multi-disciplinary individuals with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to thrive in a fast pace and dynamic workplace. If you’re interested in audio and want to build a career full of the most advanced products available, then take a look at the position below.

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We are searching for someone highly motivated to fill the position of Electrical Engineer. This person will be an integral member of the Engineering team. The engineer will utilise the most current digital and analogue technology to develop electronic components for audio applications, including processors, amplifiers, and other integration components.

This position will provide an intense level of involvement in the product as it will be involved in many aspects of design and testing, from concept to the product’s launch. The position will have the highest team visibility and cooperate with all other departments within the company.

  • High-power Design and Analysis of Audio Amplifiers
  • Perform discrete digital and analogue circuit analysis and design.
  • Design PCBs and schematics using Altium Designer
  • Perform board bring-up and debug to optimise HW on the bench and in real-world scenarios
  • Work with the new product team members and OEM customers to determine product specifications
  • Collaborate with mechanical engineers on the design of mechanical interfaces
  • Collaborate with embedded engineers on hardware design for DSPs, MCUs, etc.
  • Collaborate with test engineers to create protocols for hardware validation and EOL test systems.
  • 10% discount on domestic and international travel
Required Skills / Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent
  • Minimum of 3 years of work-related prior experience
  • Experience in power amplifier design
  • Excellent project engineering skills
  • Ability to create and create multiple products simultaneously
  • Experience in basic engineering concepts, best practices, procedures, and best practices
  • Working knowledge of the operation of digital and analogue filters amp classes Feedback, and SMPS topologies
  • Expertise in both digital and analogue design, schematic creation and PCB layout
  • Expertise in audio standards for design and performance Design validation standards, production validation standards and quality control
  • Experience with tools and programs like Audio Precision, oscilloscopes, power supplies, DAQ spectrum analysers SPICE, Altium Designer, and Altium Vault
  • Basic knowledge in Digital Signal Processing (e.g. Biquads and crossovers limiters, delay etc.)
  • Experience creating products using Bluetooth wireless EDR/LE modules.
  • Working understanding of EMC standards and the design of EMC best practices
  • Experience in designing thermal management for enclosures for electronics and electronics.
  • Ability to troubleshoot both legacy and new designs
  • Experience with system-level integration of audio components for mobile vehicles like source units, subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers in cars.
  • A little experience or experience with firmware development is a nice thing to have.