High Paying Jobs in USA without Job Permit – Apply Now

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Every year there are over 250,000+ immigrants that apply to return to the USA wanting to get a job, you would need to possess what’s known as a work permit/work visa. The USA provides work visas to immigrants searching for jobs within its country, as long as they meet all the criteria. Although during this article, we will look into six high paying jobs in the USA without a job permit https://www.uscis.gov/i-765

Before you come into the United States searching for a more robust life, you want to be able to equip yourself with the type of job you’ll get without a work visa and conjointly the proper steps to require so you don’t get foiled.

Without any delay, below are the six high paying jobs within the USA that you can do without the need for a work visa.

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Plumbers within the USA are in nice demand right away. This is often a result of regardless of how a building is constructed there’ll even be the requirement to repair and perform maintenance. the requirement for skilled plumbers is in nice demand.

Working as a craftsman within the USA doesn’t need you to possess a piece visa whether or not you’re operating as a freelance craftsman or operating with a corporation. the precise quantity a craftsman makes isn’t simply determined however the common regular payment vary a craftsman makes per month is from $1,000 to $10,000.

Plumbers will earn as high as $10,000 if they’re operating a serious job or have simply landed a serious contract for an organization.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers square measure one job within us that’s greatly required owing to the rise in the merchandise being transported by major industries. regardless of the extent of your education, you’ll take up searching for a truck driving job.

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As long as you’ve got the wants to prove that you just square measure capable of doing the work, you’ll apply for this position. Truck drivers will earn a median monthly regular payment varying from $2,000 to $5,000. See more information on Truck Driving Jobs

Security Personnel

With the rise in unprecedented shootings happening within the U.S., there’s a growing demand for security personnel. so as to induce such a job position within the U.S. you’d got to undergo coaching|military training} together with weapons training, and police work before you’ll be granted such job placements.

Security personnel’s average regular payment can’t be simply determined because it depends on what reasonable security personnel you decide to be. you’ll either attempt to work as a contract security personnel that method you’ll earn between $1,000 and $15,000 monthly reckoning on your patronage.

You can conjointly attempt to work for a corporation that method you’ll earn a median regular payment varying between $1,000 and $10,000 monthly.


With newborn babies, nurse midwives became progressively stringent and nonetheless profitable. to figure as a nurse middle married person in the USA you’ve got to be an RN with coaching within the act of kid delivery.

With excellent coaching as a nursery nurse, you stand to earn between $2,000 and $4,000 monthly.


Electricians square measure needed to hold out crucial maintenance, repairs, and upgrade to electrical systems in an exceedingly home, workplace, or public building. Operating as a Nursing within the USA is in high demand as there square measure presently comes been undergone which might need the service of a Nursing linesman.

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This way you’ll build up your patronage which implies the lot of purchasers you’ve got the more cash you stand to achieve. the common regular payment varies for a Nursing linesman operating within the USA between $2,000 and $10,000.


If you’re smart at handling specialized equipment and tools, be rest assured that there square measure several industries searching for your services. With the growing rate of cars being created, changing a knowledgeable mechanic that is aware of his job is in nice demand.

People would pay high greenback to form certain their cars square measure within the right condition, most importantly for expensive cars. The top side {again|once a lot of} is that you just have the chance of creating your own workshop which might inevitably open up more opportunities for you.

Mechanics and repair technicians are one every the very best-paid individual profession that you just will do in the USA without the requirement of a job visa. to induce started you don’t want any style of skilled degree or qualification however you wish to possess a basic educational qualification and typically got to acquire a certification that proves your level of expertise within the field.

Most skilled mechanics have some style of certification extra to their basic qualifications, as this is able to offer your necessary purchasers a lot of confidence in your ability. the common regular payment varies for a mechanic between $2,000 and $20,000 monthly.

That is all for currently the six high paying jobs in the USA without a job permit.

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