Facebook Insights: Everything You Need to Know

Facebook is a well-known social networking website that connects billions of people. Additionally, Facebook offers its users the ability to build a page on the site.

Its pages are a type of public profile that can be beneficial for businesses looking to advertise on Facebook. Now, if you already have a Facebook page and would like to view your Page Insights, you can go to this article.

Facebook Insights

What use do Insights serve? Insights assist you in determining how people interact with your Page. Additionally, it enables you to check performance analytics for your Page, determine which posts generate the most engagement, and determine when your audience is on Facebook.

This is a step-by-step guide for seeing Page Insights on Facebook using an Android, iOS, or Windows device.

How to view Page Insights on an Android or iOS device

The following are the steps to view Page Insights on an Android or iOS device:

  • To begin, launch the Facebook application on your Android or iOS device.
  • If you are already logged in, proceed; if not, log in using your user ID and password.
  • After logging in, navigate to your page.
  • On your page, click the More button (three dots).
  • Select the Insights icon from the available options.

The screen will display all information pertaining to your page. To view additional insights or to export them, log in to Facebook using a computer.

How to use a computer to view Page Insights

To view Page Insights on a PC, follow the instructions below:

  • To begin, open any browser and navigate to the official Facebook website.
  • After that, log in using your user ID and password.
  • Once logged in, navigate to your Page.
  • In the left menu of your page, select Insights.
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Diving Deeper into Facebook Insights

  1. Overview

The Overview section provides an overview of what occurred on your page throughout the past week. It demonstrates three critical components:

  • Likes on the page: the overall number of Likes and new fans
  • Total Unique Users Who Viewed Your Page and Posts:
  • The total number of unique visitors to your page is referred to as engagement.

Below these three sections is a brief analytics for Your Five Most Recent Posts and Pages to Watch, which you can use to keep an eye on your competition.


This section is broken into three significant sections:

  • Overall Page Likes: the total number of likes received on a given day over the previous month.
  • Net Likes: the sum of all likes minus the sum of all unlikes
  • Where Your Page’s Likes Occurred: the location of the button clicked by your page’s users (e.g. on the Page, in Ads, in Page Suggestions, etc.)

Additionally, you can obtain additional statistics by selecting a longer time period at the top of the page.

  1. Reach

This section demonstrates:

  • The reach of a post is the total number of people who have seen it (via paid campaigns or organic reach)
  • Reactions, Comments, and Shares: A beneficial activity that reaches a larger audience
  • Hide, Report as Spam, and Dislikes: Negative activity narrows the reach
  • The total reach of a post is the total number of users reached.

4. Page Views

This section demonstrates:

  • Views totaled throughout the previous week + page data (e.g. Home, Timeline, About, Photos, Likes, Other)
  • Total Number of Viewers + page statistics, including age and gender, city, and device
  • Sources of Information, such as Facebook, domain.com, google.com, and search.yahoo.com
  1. Actions On Page

This area will display a variety of facts depending on the content of your business page, including:

  • Total Number of Actions on Page
  • Individuals Who Clicked on the Page’s Call to Action
  • Individuals Who Clicked Receive Directions
  • Individuals Who Clicked on Phone Number
  • Individuals Who Visited the Website
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Each category can be sorted by age and gender, nation, city, and device.

  1. Posts

Posts is one of the most engaging (and arguably most valuable) sections of the Insights. Its data is segmented into three categories:

  • When Your Fans Are Online: This information is essential if you want to schedule your material to appear at specific times to reach a larger audience organically (on certain days and at a certain time)
  • Post Types include videos, links, and more.
  • To make this feature work, you’ll need to add your competition’s pages to watch their posts (Add Pages)

Below this primary statistic is a list of all posts you’ve ever made, together with links to each and data on the number of people reached, engagement, boost, and date.

  1. Videos

Video promotion has been shown to be one of the most effective methods of promotion on Facebook. This is why they invested in it, and users are now presented with a wealth of data on the films they upload on Facebook’s servers. This data can assist you in determining how your audience reacts to the video content you share. This section enables you to view the following:

  • Views of videos: in the preceding month, or in a time period selected at the top of the page (organic or paid)
  • Ten seconds Views
  • The Most Popular Videos
  1. People

This part regarding your page’s fans/followers is organized into groups based on their demographic information: the percentage of males and women, state, city, and language.

  • Your Fans
  • Individuals You Have Reached
  • Individuals You Have Engaged
  1. Local

This really valuable tool was only recently made available. It enables you to obtain data about people in your immediate vicinity, that is, people who live within a 50 to 150-meter radius of your business. Additionally, this tool enables you to acquire information about the day of the week on which they are most active, as well as the time of day (hours). Following the general data, the following sections discuss:

  • Advertisement Performance: which day and time of day a post had the most engagement
  • Individuals in the vicinity: hourly, weekly, total, check-ins
  • Demographic information: the percentage of users by age, gender, and age and gender.
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It is critical to note that this information can be beneficial for SMM (Social Media Marketing) marketing, as well as SEO optimization and campaigns (Search Engine Optimization).