Readability and Readability Score Tips that You Should Know as a Blogger

Readability is an important issue when writing contents for a website. Because its a task that involves adding value to readers as such the message has to be clear. It is a measure of ease in reading and comprehending a text.

What is a readability score?

A readability score is designed to rate how well categories readers can comprehend your post. Thus categorizing them by age and level of education.

However, readability should be considered with the categories of readers on your blog. Because, When is complex and difficult to comprehend, readers of a certain age group or education level might shy away. While on the other hand, if the text is too simplistic, it might appear plain and bored. Either way, it has a role to play in the engagement with your readers.

Readability Checker tools

Some of the best readability checkers include

  • by
  • Readability Test Tool by WebpageFX Inc.
  • Grammarly Spell Checker.
  • Gunning Fog Index – Reliability Index Tool.
  • Automatic Readability Checker

Tips to Improve Content for Readers

The following step is key in creating readable contents.

Construct short and simple sentences

Readability is mostly affected by the inability of a writer to drive a point in short sentences. Create contents with information in less than 20 words. However, you might exceed the 20-word mark but guard against it. Because short sentences are eas.ily understood and drive the message directly

Use Active voice

Most importantly avoid passive voice in sentences. This is one of the most difficult to guard against but if well understood could go a long way. Passive voice complicates the entire message in a post but active voice help users to grab the point in a sentence before even completing it. So Passive voice lets down the readability rating while active voice helps to make content readable.

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Focus on your point

I normally advise bloggers to be at ease when creating a post and to create a sense of comfort like you are discussing with a friend. But to this, there should be moderation and a balance between illustrating and deviating from focus. Readers want to solve their problems, rate you and be on their way quickly as such boring them with some irrelevant story only make things worst. Because at some point they skim through and feel you don’t have a solution. Hence readability can also be hindered by not focusing on the main point.

Use transition words

Use of words like- because, therefore, however, Furthermore, most interesting, etc create a smooth feeling when reading a text. It is especially useful to grab the users attention because of the smooth flow and transition of the texts. You can also apply words like first, second, third, etc to itemize points in a post improves readability.