Blog – Guide on how to start a blog for free

How to start a blog, To start a Blog there are certain steps in which you have to go through before you can start blogging. Presently, there are a lot of people with different reasons for blogging, some people blog to get money, some blog for their own personal interest while some blog because they want to. If you are bothered about how to blog, there is no need for you to stress yourself because in this article you will be enlightened on how to blog, reasons for you to blog and other important topics about blogging.

Know about common blogging mistakes and solutions

Blogging is currently seen as a means of getting money but some people are blogging to promote their products, to do an advertisement for their brand and others. Stay with us on this page to learn the basics of creating. Are you a student, business owner and you are finding it difficult to start your own blog?

This is a great opportunity for kindly follow up with this guide to know more about a blog. Like I stated early, there is a certain and important step in which you must go through before creating a blog. So we will take the steps according to avoid mistakes. The steps will be explanatory and straightforward that even a newbie can get the points.

Step 1 – Choosing a blogging platform

To start a blog, you have to choose a good blogging platform. For those that don’t know the meaning of a blogging platform. A blogging platform is software that is used to organize your blog. The blogging platform allows you to create blog pages, add content, images, video and other things you will need while updating your blog. A blogging platform is also called a Content Management System (CMS). Below is some blogging platform that is good for you.

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WordPress – This is the most popular and customizable blogging platform in the whole universe. It is one of the best and leading CMS in the whole world.
Drupal – This blogging site is also popular but is very difficult for novices, so if you are a novice don’t bother to use it.
Ghost – It is a new blogging platform that is making a lot of noise in the blogosphere. It an amazing and unique CMS.
Blogger –This is a free blogging solution provided by Google.
Joomla – This is also a fairly popular blogging site but there is a very steep learning curve in it.

Step 2 – Select a domain name for your blog & set up your web hosting

To set up a blog you will need a domain name and web hosting. Below is a brief explanation of the domain name and web hosting.

Web hosting: This is where all your blog are stored online. There is a lot of web hosting platform so ensure you select a good one.

Domain name: A domain name is your website address. It is your personal blog address which people will use to search for your website. While Creating a domain name make sure you will select the name that you won’t forget easily.

Step 3- Installation of WordPress on your hosting account

In this step, you have to install a WordPress on your hosting account to get started. You have to follow your on-screen instruction in this section. Kindly complete your WordPress registration in this section.

Step 4 – Select a WordPress theme

When you are done with the installation of WordPress on your hosting account. You can design your WordPress with ThemeForest and others to make your blog an outstanding one. You can also use studio press, mythemeshop, WordPress library, and other WordPress themes to design your site.

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Step 5 – Launching of your blog

This is the last step to go after completing the other four step. In this section, you have to click on the blue launch button on the Bluehost page to launch your blog so that other people can read about it.