How to Setup and Create your own First Blog Website Professionally

Having a website that fetches you income on a regular basis isnt a bad idea. The internet is filled with endless opportunty. The chances of you making six-figures (? $123,456 figure) every month is very high and possible. However, if you know what you’re doing, then it is possible you will succeed on this world of internet, money making.

First Blog Website

Choosing a Good Domain Name for your Nitch

This is the first step to setting up your website. You need a domain to begin with. Domain name is the address to your website. People type in the domain on their browsers to access your website. They are something like, most domain ends with .com, .net, .org and much more extension.

Choosing a Domain name for your Business Blog.

If you notice I called it business. Most people dont take their blog serious. Like your normal job, you go to work, prepare for the days activity so as you do to your blog.

Below are some of the things to look out for when choosing a domain name.

  • Ensure you choose a .com name, if you have the money, buy a “.com” and “.net” of your domain else “.com”
  • Make sure the name is not that long
  • Avoing the use of hyphen (-) (Example:
  • If your business name is long, then consider abbreviating the name to something shorter. Reason, so it can be easily memorized by your website visitors.

Why Use Inmotionhosting, BlueHost or Hostgator

Now, when it comes to hosting, you have to be extreamly careful, as WordPress works perfectly fine on Linux servers. Am not saying it wont run on windows server, but linux is the best for wordpress website.

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The above inmotionhosting, Bluehost and hostgator offers this. In other to get my FREE WORDPRESS GUIDE, YOU MUST USE THE LINK PROVIDED HERE to purchase your domain and hosting.

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Personally, I use Inmotionhosting, and I recomend it because all their servers are hosted on SSD which is good, Hostgator and Bluehost are also good hosting provider especially if you are starting low. The prices are friendly.

However, I advice you to purchase your hosting and domain from thesame hosting website.

When you register your domain and hosting at Inmotionhosting, bluehost or Hostgator using the link provided here, you will get access to My Free WordPress Guide and Video.

  • This video will guide you through setting up your CMS (Content Management System) website
  • Intense Guide on how to picking a good nitch (Nitch, are area of focus for you business)
  • Customizing it to look professional.
  • Creating new webpages
  • Adding menu
  • Publishing your first article.
  • and much more.


The most important is plan and focus, if you dont have a plan, then it will take you a long time to succeed in the blogging world. Ensure you subscribe to this website as their are somuch knowledge that will be passed to you.

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