High Paying Jobs in the USA: Apply Now

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The U.S. is at the high selection once it involves high-paying jobs for foreigners from around the globe who are seeking the chance of working in the U.S. During this article, you will understand fourteen of the high paying jobs in the USA that you can do a foreigner.

Jobs within healthcare, info technology, management, finance, engineering, and law are among the very best paying jobs within the U.S., with some paying quite $100,000 USD yearly.

Other than that, the top listed fields are areas like selling, advertising, and promotions, growing at a speedy rate and are predicted to rise to 100% from 2020 to 2030. There square measure presently quite thirty,000 vacancies within the on top of listed fields and it’s expected to double within the returning years.

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To be eligible to figure within the U.S. you need to have an operating visa, as a migrant returning to the U.S., obtaining an operating visa is a bit nerve-racking while not a sponsor. this can be why applying for employment within the U.S. that gives visa support is the best.

Each year around one hundred and forty-thousand H-1B visas are on the market for non-citizens wanting to come back to the U.S. to work. Let’s get to the discussion for this article.

• 4 high paying jobs in the USA

• 14 High paying jobs in the USA with Average Salaries

• High paying jobs within the U.S. with their States

• High paying jobs within the U.S. with their cities

• How to Apply

5 high paying jobs in the USA

Some of the very best paying jobs within the U.S. square measure listed below with their educational qualifications.

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1. Specialists: Psychiatrist is alleged to have at least one of the very best paying jobs within the U.S. right away and in line with the Bureau of Labor Statistics that predicts an eleven.9% employment growth for psychiatrists between 2019 and 2029.

Professionals embark turning into a specialist from their 1st year operating in a hospital, wherever they specialize in managing numerous medical conditions and also the remaining 2- four years on mental state.

2. Airline Pilots and Captains/ Flight Engineers: To become an airline pilot or aircrewman, you might need to possess a bachelor’s degree and an airline transport pilot certificate from the federal aviation administration.

3. Anesthesiologists: skilled Anesthesiologists are predicted to possess completed a four-year residency in medication or presumably additional betting on the specialty of the profession. the duty market in this field is predicted to grow by 15.5% by 2026.

4. Chief Executives: CEOs of major industries tend to be paid the very best in their field. the primary step to turning into a business executive is getting a degree in any of the on top of listed fields.

14 High paying jobs in the USA with their Average Salaries

Below listed square measure a number of the fourteen highest paying jobs within the U.S. with their average salaries. this could provide you with a way of what to expect if you opt to pursue an employment career in these fields.

Job RoleAverage Yearly Salary
Chief Executives$185,950
Health Care Workers$208,000
Medicine physicians$207,380
Airline Pilots/Flight Engineers$160,970
Financial Managers$129,890
Analytics  Managers$108,565
Computer and Information System Managers$151,150
Architectural and engineering managers$149,530
Advertising and Marketing managers$135,900
Social Media Strategists$110,000
Nurse Practitioners$183,580

High paying jobs within the U.S. with their States

Different states offer totally different payment structures and salaries even for fields that square measure similarly.

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Some states provide quite alternatives whereas some offer less. There has been a discount in the income of voters living within the U.S. since the second quarter of 2021 by regarding twenty one.8%.

The average weekly wage for someone living within the U.S. is simply below $1000. Below are e a number of the very best paying jobs within the U.S. supported their states.

StatesAverage Yearly Salary
New York$114,000
New Jersey$109,000

High paying jobs within the U.S. with their cities

Different cities within the same states are noted to supply totally different wage payment structures. this can be because of the price of living in those areas and additionally the sort of industries or corporations established in those cities. this can be why searching for the very best paying cities for a specific job role might bring a big boost to your wage.

Below are a number of the very best-paying cities within the U.S.

CitiesAverage Salaries (yearly)
San Jose, CA$93,450
San Francisco, CA$81,840
Washington, DC$77,210
Seattle, WA$74,330
Stamford, CT$74,000
Boston, MA$73,000
Denver, CO$64,000
Dayton, OH$53,000
Hartford, CT$65,000

How to Apply

You first got to apply for the H-1B visa that permits you to be in a position to add the U.S. and then you wish to convince the USCIS that you simply are capable of filling the duty role you’re applying for. The H1B visa is sponsored by your potential leader. To confirm an application method follow the steps below:

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• Meet all needs for the H-1B visa application

• Find a sponsor for the duty gap within the U.S.

• Have your leader be able to sponsor your H-1B visa

• After you’ve got gotten a sponsor, either from the corporate or a personal sponsor, apply for the H-1B visa at the closest U.S.A. Embassy in your home country.

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