How to Apply for Barber Jobs in the UK | Requirements and Salary

If you’re a professional barber, now is the right time for you to apply for barber jobs in the UK. There are many amazing opportunities in terms of barber jobs in the UK and this article shows them all.

Being a barber is one of the oldest customer service professions even in the UK. People have always been concerned about how they look and hairstyles are an essential part of it.

To keep your hair properly managed and trimmed a barber is a must. Although the modern-day man or woman has many ways to cut and style their own hair, a visit to the barber shop is still sometimes the best choice.

In this article, we would be looking at everything you need to know about getting barber jobs in the UK and how to apply for them.

Here is the breakdown of everything we would be discussing in this article:

  • What does a barber do?
  • Requirements for barber jobs in the UK
  • Skills required from a barber in the UK
  • The average salary for barber jobs in the UK
  • How to Apply

What does a barber do?

A barber cuts, shampoos, trims, and combs a customer’s hair. Barbers often take customers by walk-ins or even appointments when they want to freshen up their look.

Other services may include shaving with hot wax and lather treatments. To sum up, the whole process barbers cut, trim or shave customers’ hair and beard, and shampoo hair following a cut or trim.

Working as a barber in the UK comes with many requirements and responsibilities and this would be highlighted here in this article.

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Barber jobs in the UK also involve disinfecting or washing cutting equipment and keeping the workstation tidy. Depending on the customers’ needs barbers may administer scalp treatments or hair dyes to complete the customer’s visit.

Requirements for barber jobs in the UK

Becoming a barber requires both educational qualifications and training. In this section, we discuss the qualifications you must earn to work barber jobs in the UK.

To become a barber the first step is to complete your high school diploma. This enables you to enroll in barber training programs.

Attending a state-approved barber program helps you to get licensure to start your own barbershop. Apprenticeships can work as a substitute for formal barbering programs. In an apprenticeship, arrangement barbers earn hands-on experience working with real customers and experienced professionals while earning some pay as well.

On-the-job training is an important part of starting off as a barber in the UK. This training teaches barbers about the products and services the establishment offers.

Skills required from a barber in the UK

Becoming a barber is not only about cutting your customer’s hair. It’s about giving them a grooming experience that gives them time to unwind.

This usually requires you to, as a barber, hear your clients out, allocate proper time for each customer, and so on. In this section, we have listed out the basic required skills you must have as a barber in the UK.

  • Detailed Oriented
  • Customer Services
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management

The average salary for barber jobs in the UK

Barbers may work part-time or full-time or in a mix of both. Salary varies significantly between small shop barbers and high-end styling salons.

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It also varies with the barber’s experience and responsibilities. According to  Indeed annual average salary for barbers is £24180. Following the same numbers, we found Neuvoo which puts monthly salaries at around £2,000.

How to become a barber in the UK?

Becoming a barber requires that you complete certain educational and training requirements. You can become a barber following the steps below:

  • Complete your high school education: If you are a foreigner coming into the UK, you should have completed your high school education or its equivalent.
  • Complete a barber program: Enroll in a barber program after high school or you could choose to start off as an apprentice.
  • Take a licensing exam: To get a barbering license in order to get barber jobs in the UK, you need to pass the licensing exam. To apply for the exam you need to show your training and a high school diploma. Upon passing the exam you get your license and now can call yourself a proper professional.

How to Apply

After getting your license you can start applying for barber positions. Try applying to small shops as a beginner and work your way up.

There are websites you could start off with your applications and cover letters for barber jobs in the UK.

Some of which can be seen below:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • SimpleHired