USA Green Card Requirements | Jobs and How to Apply

USA green card may be a document that permits an individual to be able to board the USA indefinitely given such individual citizenship. If you’re inquisitive about migrating to the U.S. to stay for good, then this text is for you. we will be guiding you on everything you would like to understand concerning obtaining a USA green card.

According to the United States of America Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1 million candidates each year that apply for green cards, and therefore the United States of America approves 25%-35% of those applications. This shows that there’s a high level of competition within the system.

But with the methods we might be birth get in this text, you stand the next likelihood of obtaining one for yourself. Thus if that’s your goal, keep on with the tip of this text.

One of the main things to contemplate once applying for associate yank positive identification is what approach does one wish to take?

What is the premise of your application, and what drives you to use a positive identification to remain within the US? If you’ll be able to answer this question, you’re well on your approach within the method.

There are 2 major approaches you’ll be able to go for applying for a green card:

• Family Sponsorships

• Employment-based

Family Sponsorships

Family Sponsorships are one avenue you’ll be able to leverage if you’ve got a loved one living within the USA on a permanent basis.

This type of sponsorship offers family to be the ability to reunite with their treasured ones, which is why this is often a good chance for you to try to do such. It permits sponsorships for immediate members of the family like relations, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings.


Employment is based mostly on an employment-based criterion, which happens to be the simplest approach to require once applying for a USA green card within the United States of America.

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This is after you are offered a positive identification supported bound employment class of visa. There area unit major five forms of visas that support the use based mostly yank positive identification.

This visa is issued to people who will contribute to the economy of the United States of America. they’re as follows: EB visa for priority employees, EB-visa for advanced degree skilled, Investors Visas, EB visa for special immigrants, EB visa for unskilled employees.

What you would like to try to do is locate out what class of EB visa you’re eligible for and apply for it. you’ll be able to consult a diplomatic building officer to seek out out a lot of concerning info on this or visit their official website for needs and procedures.

Another factor you would like to understand is whether or not or not you’re eligible to use for positive identification. you’ve got to envision to ascertain if you constitute the migrant eligibility standing.

Once you discover the class that matches your state of affairs, you’ll get to get the data on the wants and the way to use

After you’ve got resolved this, you’ll be able to then proceed to contact the USCIS. If you’ve got taking the family support approach, the family residing within the United States of America would need to petition the USCIS on your behalf.

Your petition is approved, and you’ll be able to then fill positive identification application type/permanent resident registration form. If you’ve got taken the use-based mostly approach, your current leader would need to petition the USCIS.


At this stage, you’d got to get your documentation so as. counting on the approach you’re taking, the documents you would like would defer.

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If you’re applying for the family support program, your family would wish to point out proof of support. This proof of support indicates that they will offer your basic wants within the United States of America.

Basic would like as well as housing, feeding and different expenses that come with living within the USA.

How to Apply

Contact the immigration workplace online at the USCIS website for a lot of info and needs on the way to begin your application.

The DV Lottery

The DV Lottery conjointly called the U.S. visa Lottery, makes a restricted range of migrant visas out there once a year to folks meeting bound eligibility requirements:

• You should be a far-off subject from a rustic with a coffee immigration rate to us.

o Each year, the U.S. Department of State puts out an inventory of eligible and ineligible countries. The list of states might amendment every year. See the 2024 Diversity Visa Program directions (PDF, transfer Adobe Reader) for the foremost recent list.

• You should have graduated from high school or its equivalent or have qualifying work expertise.

The Diversity Visa Registration

Registration for the 2024 DV Lottery began on Gregorian calendar month five, 2022, and ends on Tues, November 8, 2022, at twelve PM ET.

• When you register for the lottery, keep your confirmation range in an exceedingly safe place. You’ll like that range to envision the standing of your entry online.

• Check the results for the 2023 DV Lottery. they’re out there till Sept thirty, 2023. you’ll be able to check the results for the 2024 lottery starting might six, 2023.

• Bear in mind to envision the lottery results yourself online, verifying your confirmation range. The State Department won’t send you a letter or associate email to allow you to recognize if you’ve got been designated

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If you’re designated through the random drawing, you’ll be able to move forward in applying for a migrant visa (USA Green Card).

• Sign in to the Immigrant/Diversity Visa portal to fill out and submit your visa application, DS type 260, online.

• Prepare for your interview.

The Diversity Visa Fraud Warning

The State Department desires DV Lottery participants to understand scams involving dishonorable emails and letters sent to DV Program candidates.

The U.S. government is the exclusive operator of the DV Program. It should send you an email reminding you to envision the standing of your entry.

However, it’ll not contact you by email or letter to allow you to recognize if you’ve got been designated.

You’ve got to envision online yourself. The U.S. government also will ne’er require you to obtain your visa beforehand by wire transfer, bill of exchange, or check.