How to Register and purchase a Domain Name

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Domain name registry is the first step in starting up a Website. Simply put domain name is the address to your website. It is typed in the URL box on browsers to navigate your website. It is an identifier for your website as such it is very important getting a simple DNS that describes your website so your users or visitors can easily remember.Domain name

Choosing a Domain

There are certain factors you should consider. When choosing a domain name

  • Use keywords related to your business.
  • Keep it short, easy to remember and appealing.
  • Avoid using numbers and words combination that might confuse users.
  • Don’t use hyphens, which can be hard for your market to remember (i.e.
  • Avoid names that use uncommon words or nade up words (i.e. – pronounced my unique biz)
  • Don’t make it so narrow that you can’t expand your business, unless you’re okay with buying another domain and building another site for other products or services.

Domain name registry and Purchase is regulated by the world wide body ICANN. The registration is done through a domain name registrar, some of the popular registrar include.

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  • Godady
  • bluehost
  • Hostgator
  • Just host
  • Google Domains
  • Squarespace
  • Sitey and tons more.
  • InMotion

Domain names are registered for and paid for annually.

Steps to a Domain Name

  • Go to the site address of a  registrar. Open a web browser and navigate a domain registrar’s website such as
  • Choose a name: following the rules as stated above.
  • Check for domain name availability: All registrar can of check for availability.
  • Select the  name you want to buy:  from the list of availability. If you dont like any on the list, rephrase the  name until you get a desirable one.
  • Choose how many years you really want to pay for. Domain name is renewed on a yearly basis, so it is wise to pay for atleast two or more years.
  • Select additional services. Here you can buy additional services such as web design, hosting, or extra email addresses, just tick them to your cart before clicking on the check out button.
  • Pay for your name and services. Now the owner of the domain name. You can pay using a debit card or using a paypal account.
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You can now proceed to building your website. Some  registrars also host website, on the next article we would talk more on hosting as we guide you through on how to build a website using Content management systems.

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